Snake Themed Printables and Crafts

Snake Themed Printables and Crafts

Snakes can be creepy and they can also be very cool! Here in Florida, we have our fair share of snake encounters! If you are learning about snakes in your homeshcool your little ones will love these snake themed printables and crafts. These are perfect for any snake themed unit study.FREE Printables:Stripy Snake Printable Board […]

FREE Diary of a Worm First Grade Literature Study


The Diary of a Worm is such a fun story to read aloud. It’s also a great reader for beginning readers. I love combining literature unit studies with books that we are reading for extra added educational fun. This book is is a great literature selection to practice both reading and science skills. This printable pack […]

Predatory Birds Unit Studies and FREE Printables

Predatory Birds Unit Studies and FREE Printables

Predatory Birds are fascinating and beautiful creatures to learn about!Predatory Birds often times called “Birds of Prey”, are used to describe two types of birds: Raptors and Owls. Raptors are classified as Diurnal birds of prey, which are birds that are active during the day. These birds are eagles, vultures, ospreys and hawks. Owls are […]

FREE Charlotte’s Web Unit Study


Infuse a little excitement into your child’s reading time with a Charlotte’s Web unit study. It dives deeper than just a sweet story, it will guide your child into the world of farm animals and fair food through vocabulary, coloring, and more!Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, […]

FREE Robin Hood Unit Study


Robin Hood is such a fun story to learn about when you are learning about Medieval times! If you are learning about Robin Hood and Medieval times, your kids will enjoy these free printables. This is a free Robin Hood Unit Study which also comes with free Lapbook Printables. The topics cover Medieval occupations, Medieval weapons, anatomy […]

The Giver – A FREE Homeschool Unit Study


Geared for the late junior high student or high schooler, The Giver is a book set in a dystopian society. This unit study is helpful in many ways; it offers fabulous, free printables and two reviews (one from a Christian source!) This is a fun way to study The Giver.Click here to download your free […]

Printable Chef’s Binder (FREE for a Limited Time!)


Most children are happy to get in the kitchen with mom and get their hands dirty. If they know they can get some tasty vittles out of the deal, so much the better! Kids can use this free, printable Chef’s Binder to record what they learn. There are pages for meal planning, cooking skills, and recipe […]

FREE Literature-Based Unity Study for The Indian In The Cupboard


Is your homeschooler reading The Indian in the Cupboard this year? I just love finding unit studies to go along with whatever my children are reading. This is a great way to expand on a great book and make it come to life. Whenever I use literature studies with my children they always seem to […]

FREE Printable Weather Unit Study


What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods? Hot and humid or hot and hot? My family is in the first group with the humidity and extensive rain. Regardless of which region of the country you live in, there’s a reason that your weather is the way it is. Have some fun and explore […]

FREE Little House on the Prairie Unit Study


The Little House on the Prairie book series is a delightful recounting of one little girl’s real-life experience of growing up in a pioneering family. Its triumphs and difficulties are presented in such a way that it interests boys and girls alike. You can study the young girl, Laura Ingalls Wilder, and a bit of […]