Fine Arts Freebies Resources for Homeschoolers

Freebies for artists study and other great fine art themed printables, notebooking pages, and more!

FREE Printable Mary Had a Little Lamb Easy Piano Music


Music brings so much joy to life. Children especially love to tinker on pianos, have you noticed? If you have access to a piano, why not give your child the satisfaction of being able to play a song? This free, printable “Mary Had A Little Lamb” Easy Piano Music gives you full instructions on how […]

The Confident Homeschooler Free Audio Download


Pam Barnhill, host of the popular Homeschool Snapshots and Your Morning Basket podcasts, is offering a free download of The Confident Homeschooler audiobook. The thirty-minute audio download includes five little ideas with big impact. Homeschool moms can do these simple things today to bring more peace and confidence to their homeschool. From Amazon reviews of the Kindle version: […]

Draw realistic portraits free printable guide.


Crystal at has written an article teaching our teens to draw realistic portraits! “Your teen can draw realistic portraits!” Included is a printable guide to walk your teen through their own portrait! When a teen starts drawing portraits they often get discouraged because they are not realistic enough or did not capture the likeness accurately. […]

Make A Music Clock with FREE Printable Music Notes


Do you have a budding musician at your house? This is an interesting way to learn the value of music notes and timing! A Music Clock! Detailed instructions and free, printable music notes are included.Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress with our award-winning online homeschool curriculum!

3 Best Ways to Encourage an Artistic Teen. (Artist gives parents the exact words to encourage artistic teens!)


Crystal at has an incredibly encouraging article, “3 Best Ways to Encourage an Artistic Teen.” She has two free pdf printables of insightful leading questions that parents can download and use to encourage their artistic teens. They’ll help to start deep conversations with the teens about their art! Parents with artistic teens often feel […]

Free Drawing Lessons Workbook


This book will teach your child how to draw, step by step, with the easiest approach possible…by using alphabet letters, numbers, words, and other simple shapes. In this book, Rachel will show kids how to turn numbers, alphabet letters, and words into cute cartoon characters. This is number, letter, and word fun at its best! […]

FREE Printable Color Theory Book


Here’s a fun, lightly academic way to study colors – with a free, printable Color Theory Book! It explains the color wheel, primary and secondary colors, complementary colors, and tints and shades. Instructions are included for assembling, and there are two versions to pick from! (One is double-sided, the other is not.)Click here to download your […]

Coding a Lego Maze with FREE Printable


When my son plays with his Legos, I can feel good knowing they encourage him to be creative and he is developing thinking and problem-solving skills. Really, there’s no end to the benefits of playing with Legos! Since they’ve never been more popular, here’s a great opportunity to use them purposefully! The whys and the hows of coding […]

Celebrate VanGogh’s Birthday


Celebrate Van Gogh’s 163rd birthday on March 30 with the Vincent Van Gogh Online Unit Study. Cover history, science, art, tech ed and more. With this internet-based unit study, your homeschoolers will study Van Gogh’s life and artwork. They’ll create a self-portrait, just like Van Gogh did, and produce an animated biography video about his […]

FREE Printable Latin Nouns Declension Worksheet


For all of you Classical Conversationists and other homeschoolers that are dedicated enough to study Latin – hooray! A free, printable Latin Nouns Declension Worksheet! This worksheet will help to increase your student’s understanding of Latin nouns while they are playing with them.Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, […]