Fine Arts Freebies Resources for Homeschoolers

Freebies for artists study and other great fine art themed printables, notebooking pages, and more!

Teaching Elements of Landscape (Foreground, Middle Ground, Background)


This awesome freebie will help you teach the concept of creating space in artwork through the use of foreground, middle ground, and  background. This free fold up printable can help your students envision exactly how these elements of landscape stack up. If your child is into art, then this will be a good lesson to […]

FREE Printable Famous Artist Biography Book


Would you like to learn how your kids can study famous artists in your homeschool? This free artist biography printable book will introduce your homeschool to art history and encourage them to write all the parts of a famous artist’s life. The free printable “fill it in” style biography book is all your child needs […]

FREE Playdough Recipe for Unicorn and Rainbow Activities


Many daughters and moms enjoy rainbows and unicorns; they just bring joy. I can’t lie. This rainbow and unicorn playdough activity is perfect for some art crafts with your kids of all ages. My kids are always experimenting for the best playdough recipe, so I can’t wait for them to try this post’s playdough recipe. […]

FREE Vincent van Gogh Unit Study Resources


Your art lessons this year can get a little more interesting with these free Meeting the Master Artist Vincent van Gogh unit study resources. There are lots of great ways to study this incredible artist’s This post shares a way for your homeschool to explore van Gogh’s life and art style through a variety of online resources. The resources include […]

6 FREE Sketchbook Prompts and Printables


Providing your kids with an easy way to start drawing can be just what you need with these free sketchbook prompts. A blank page can be frustrating to a child when they can’t think of things to draw or express themselves. However, when they have a sketching prompt it may be a little easier for them. These seasonal […]

FREE Ultimate Guide- Poetry for Multiple Ages


Poetry can be intimidating to teach to some of us. Use this ultimate guide to poetry for multiple ages (for the intimidated) to help you. When you think about it, it is easier to teach a subject with clear cut answers. Your kids study and drop the information. They either get it or they don’t, […]