FREE Printable Scripture Cards for the Homeschool Mom!


Have you ever had one of those homeschool days when you felt like jumping off the nearest bridge?Have you ever felt inadequate?If so, head on over to Blessed Beyond a Doubt where she shares how she keeps from losing it when things get hairy during the homeschool hours. She is offering FREE scripture cards to print!He […]

Free eBooks – Esther: The Beauty of Courageous Submission and Ruth: A Woman of Virtue


Free eBooks for Time-Warp Wife Facebook Fans!Time-Warp Wife is one of my favorite blogs. Darlene challenges women in their roles as mothers, wives, keepers at home, and daughters of the Almighty God in Biblical ways. I find her posts to be so full of encouragement and practical ways to implement change for the better. She has […]

FREE ABC Bible Verse Flashcards From Homeschool Creations!


I love all the great things that Homeschool Creations comes up with! Here is a Freebie for you all. Thank you to Jolanthe at for putting these cool cards together and offering them for FREE!This is taken from her website:It’s not only the preschoolers in this house that enjoy having printables, and although these were […]

Free eBook – Life Application Bible Study: Ruth, A Woman of Virtue by Darlene Schacht

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Free eBook – Life Application Bible Study: Ruth, A Woman of Virtue by Darlene Schacht with Time-Warp WifeI don’t know if you are familiar with Time-Warp Wife yet, but I am a subscriber of this blog and it is my favorite! You will find inspiration, encouragement, and truth as you read through her blog posts!Darlene […]