Character Training & Bible Resources for Homeschoolers

FREE Bible & Character Training Resources and freebies. Some of them are time sensitive, be sure to watch for old posts and specials that have expired.

FREE Patience Songs and Rhymes


Patience is a virtue. Knowing our sin nature, we need to take steps to help educate our children in the value of being patient. These free patience songs can support the character trait of patience in kids. The character educational songs and rhymes can be used for holiday time or everyday occasion, particularly when kids […]

Chore Chart Printable


In our home chores are a must! We like them because it helps each child claim ownership of their home and it helps teach responsibility. However, it can sometimes get confusing to both us as parents and the child to know who is doing what. This chore chart will help make chore time a lot […]

Acts of Kindness Printable Cards


Teaching our children to perform random acts of kindness can seem like an impossible task. However, all they really need is to have the chance to get into the habit of doing so. That is how these cards can help. These act of kindness cards will help your child come up with nice tasks and […]

FREE Noah and the Flood Bible Lesson


Our homeschool days are perfect for teaching God’s holy word to our preschoolers. It can be difficult, at times, to teach Bible lessons to our youngest learners. This FREE Bible lesson on Noah and the flood is written with preschoolers in mind. In this absolutely free lesson, your child will be introduced to Noah and […]

FREE Encouraging School Themed Scripture Printables


Now that you are getting into the swing of things this homeschool year, you may be need some encouragement for your struggling or discouraged kiddos. The back to school themed scripture memory and journaling pack will help focus them on God’s Word. The free pack includes X12 scripture cards (King James Version), X1 bible journaling template and […]

Biblical Worldview Homeschooling


Do you ever feel like you could do more to teach your child God’s Word? Many times, even in our family bible study, my husband wants to be intentional about not making God’s Word just another box to tick off during the day. Biblical homeschooling means thinking biblically through everything we do and guiding kids […]