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Decorating Your Home with Scriptures – free printables and ideas!

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I love to decorate my home with scriptures. There is just something about seeing God’s promises and His Word on a daily basis that helps to bring joy and peace to the home.Before I got into making my own crafts and signs for my wall I spent a lot of money on signs with quotes […]

Homeschool Curriculum Planner FREE For A Limited Time


Do you struggle to sort through all the curriculum possibilities when planning the next school year? Christian Homeschool Family has a set of worksheets and detailed instructions to guide you through the process. You can download the Homeschool Curriculum Planner free for one week only!Click here to get yours! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? […]

Who Is God?


When you think about who God is, what do you think of? If we look to the Bible, we are told exactly who God is! If you are feeling alone, a quick look at Matthew 28:20 reminds you that God is with us. Throughout the Bible we are also told that He is strong, good, […]

90+ Sweet Orange Recipes

Do you love oranges? Try some of these SWEET Orange recipes to change things up a bit this summer! :: www.inallyoudo.net

Oranges, sweet oranges! Oh how I could eat oranges at every meal…every day. I just love them! They are juicy, sweet and so refreshing for summer. I only wish we could grow our own here in Indiana, but I’ll have to do with store bought. However, since I can’t eat them all day, every day…I […]

Pallet and Fence Board Crafts for Cheap Home Decor


Do you need to update the decor in your home on a budget? We have lived in our home for 11 years now. As a stay at home mom, some days you can get tired of staring at the same walls, and same decorations every.single.day. Sometimes you just need a little update and sprucing up […]

Free Supermom Survival Guide


Download the Supermom Survival Guide for FREE! Find out how to do EVERYTHING important without stretching yourself too thin! How many thousands of things are on your to-do list? Doesn’t it feel overwhelming? The Supermom Survival Guide will help you to: ✓ Use an easy 3 step process to distill your to- do list ✓ Implement time management that fits […]

105+ Irresistible Raspberry Recipes

There's nothing better than fresh raspberries. Except maybe some of these Irresistible recipes! Over 105 to choose from! :: www.homeschoolgiveaways.com

Several years ago, like six, we traveled to Wyoming with my parents. At the time, it we just had the two boys and we lived in Oklahoma. Man what a drive it was. While there, we visited a nice “little” farm where you could pick fresh raspberries. OH. MY. YUM!! They were absolutely delicious and […]