Homemaking Resources for Homeschoolers

Tips for Growing a BIG Family on a Small Budget


Children are a blessing from the Lord…every single one of them! When a husband and wife feel the heart-tug to have more children, there is always the temptation to assess things through human eyes instead of spiritual eyes. Don’t let the financial aspect of raising a BIG family keep you from enjoying all that God […]

Refreshing Infused Water Recipes and ideas


This has been a HOT summer! I find myself constantly reminding my children and myself to drink more water, especially if we are out running errands. We drink a lot of water around here. We don’t have soda or juice in our home so we mostly drink water. Sometimes plain water can get old and […]

DIY Felt Succulents


Have you jumped on the succulents craze? I’m not too swift with tending to succulents as a couple of aloe vera plants on my back porch can attest to. Yet, I feel strongly that these DIY Felt Succulents could withstand even the most negligent caretaker. You could make several in one afternoon and with a few basic […]

DIY Itchy Stix with FREE Printable Label


These DIY Itchy Stix are great for battling the sting and itch of pesky bug bites! The recipe has only all-natural ingredients which means there won’t be any chemicals or ingredients you can’t pronounce! Filling the tubes with the salve insures that it is portable – everyone in your family can have their own tube!Click here […]