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Our homemaking freebies category consists of free resources for homemakers, free parenting resources, free books for cooking, canning, and meal planning, and anything else that a homemaker & homeschooling mom will love! Check back weekly for new freebies!

The 28 Day FUN Mom Challenge FREE Printable Pack


Do you think you are a FUN Mom? Well I know I am not and I have been quite convicted of that lately!Join the 28 Day FUN Mom Challenge over at TheRoadto31.com and UndertheGoldenAppleTree.com. You will receive a FREE Printable Pack for ages 3-12 and/ or FREE Calendar for ages 13 and up!  This challenge […]

Simplifying in the New Year Series: Create a Chore Schedule

Overflowing laundry basket. Household chore concept on white background

This is the second post in our Simplifying in the New Year Series:Last week we talked about Keeping Up With the Clutter. There are so many tools to help keep clutter at bay. Once you have a system in place for the clutter it won’t be as overwhelming to avoid it. The only way to […]

Free Customizable Chore Card System


Are you having trouble motivating your children to help around the house? Try this free customizable chore card system! It’s available for subscribers through Feb. 4 only (reg. $4.99). Click here to visit Imperfect Homemaker and get your free download. Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress with our award-winning online […]

FREE Printable Book to Teach Kids Food Safety


I have 5 kids under 6 and sometimes it is really difficult when they are all in the kitchen at once trying to “help.”  It is important to take time when you are busy in the kitchen to train on site about food safety. Here is a helpful printable resource to guide you.DOWNLOAD IT HERE […]

The Ultimate FREE Fitness Printable


So my goal for the new year was to totally rock that treadmill that has been sitting collecting dust. Can you believe I haven’t even stepped foot on it yet and we are in week four of the new year? I’m loving these fitness printables and their motivating colors! Maybe it will motivate me to […]

FREE Book: Your Child’s Powerful Memory (limited time)


You know your student has boundless potential.That’s why you’ve spent years seeking out the best curriculum and pouring your life into the success of your student. But, is there something you can do to take their ability to learn to even greater heights?Creating captivating learning experiences can optimize your child’s academic ability.Your Child’s Powerful Memory, […]

FREE eBook “How To Talk With Your Kids About Pop Culture”


Download Now!Over the past decade, pop-culture has become the primary influence on teenagers’ lives. It’s discipling them and teaching them how to live. Parents need to talk to their kids about pop-culture because pop-culture is circumventing their influence.The team at Axis would like to present you with a free copy of the ebook they’ve written on […]

Simplifying in the New Year: Keeping Up With the Clutter

Keeping Up with the Clutter

This is the first post in a four week series to help simplify your home and homeschool!With a New Year comes new thoughts and ideas on how we want our new year to go. Some call these resolutions, or even goals. I know many people have decided that they want to simplify things in their […]

FREE Valentine Pack Teaching Kids What Love Is


I Love My Family Celebrate A Meaningful Family Valentine (Free Printable) Share a meaningful Family Valentine’s Celebration while teaching your kids what love really is with this fun and cute printable from Fun With A Message. It will help you encourage and uplift your kids and spouse and it’s a great way to teach kids […]