Homeschooling Freebies Resources for Homeschoolers

There are so many free homeschooling resources available. We will try and post the best ones here for you. Free curriculum, free printables, free homeschooling downloads, and anything else we find for free that homeschoolers will love!

Online Learning Opens Doors

Online Learning Opens Doors

As we dive deeper into an age of technology, it is encouraging to see how technology can be used for good in the education sector. Though it’s difficult to track, iNACOL estimates there are millions of students across the U.S. who use supplemental online learning and hundreds of thousands of students who attend a full-time […]

Homeschool Schedule Creation That Really Works


No matter how much we prepare, creating a homeschool schedule can get nerve wrecking. If you are a newer homeschool mom, trial and error seems to be a way most of us have to learn. Creating a homeschool schedule doesn’t have to be so daunting. Sometimes we over plan and sometimes we feel like we […]

FREE Fall Preschool Printables (SO CUTE!)

Fall Freebie Pin HSG

I’m going to say up front, that these are not the typical vintage graphics that I’m basically obsessed with and use on everything. But I WILL SAY that as soon as I saw them, I was in LOVE. I honestly couldn’t resist how sweet, simple, and colorful they are. I think you’re going to love […]

7 Ways to Be the Best Teacher for Your Child


Most often than not, being a good teacher for your kids could have everything to do with your approach and nothing about your ability. Read about seven ways to become the teacher your child needs. This post reminds us that when we think of our favorite teacher growing up, we often times don’t remember exactly […]

Playing and Learning with Glow Sticks


I only buy glow sticks in birthday parties. I usually think they are a complete waste of money, until now. These fun ways to play and learn with glow sticks is a great way to bring some intrigue to your homeschool. These glow sticks will help your kids create pictures, make letters, and make shapes, […]

Over 400 FREE Toddler Activities


Moms with toddlers know how hard it is to homeschool with toddlers. I mean, it’s hard to do a lot of things with toddlers. God bless them, lol. Cleaning, showering, and other things can be a challenge if your toddler is ready to explore everything. So keep these 400+ toddler craft activities, sensory play ideas, […]

5 FREE Ways to Teach Money in Your Homeschool

5 Free Ways to Teach Kids About Money

If we really think about it, one of the best things to do once our kids learn to count is to teach them about money. Check out this eye opening post for teaching about money in your homeschool, and 5 free ways to get started. There are a few easy ways to begin teaching money […]

FREE Precious Garden Homeschool Planner


This free printable homeschool planner for your homeschool comes with a daily planner, an attendance record, weekly planner, daily assignments page, and more. I thought these graphics were absolutely precious, so I just had to share. Planning is both important for a child’s routine and for a mom’s sanity. Children like repetition because they know […]

How Online Learning Made this Mom a Better Homeschool Mom


I began homeschooling with an online curriculum; honestly, I may not have continued if I would have started any other way. This post sheds a mom’s view on how online learning made her a better homeschool mom. Online learning may seem like the easy out for some, but for others, it may be the answer to […]

Tons of Montessori-Inspired October Themed Activities for Kids


You will not believe just how many October themed activity ideas this post is filled with. Go ahead; take a look… I told you, lol. This post is chock-full of kids activities for you to share with your family for the whole month of October. You will find awesome ways to add interest to your […]