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What we are using for Economics & Government this year


Our family is really into politics, economics, and of course entrepreneurship (my husband and I both have a couple of businesses.) When I owned my curriculum store, Bluestocking Press was one of our best sellers & I am excited to finally be putting their curriculum to use in our homeschool!I plan to lay low on making […]

First Year of High School: Done!


This past school year was my daughter’s first high school year. I gave her the reins and let her organize her schedule and plan out all of her work/lessons using The Well Planned Day 4 Year High School Planner. I used this Free Homeschool High School Credit Planner Spreadsheet to keep track of her grades though.Like the […]

What My Teen Thinks After Using Philosophy Adventure


This was written by my 14 year old daughter, who just finished her first year of high school. If there is one thing I learned from doing Philosophy Adventure, it would be this: open your mind to different ways of thinking and you may pick up a thing or two along the way, or respectfully […]

Complete Preschool Curriculum for FREE


I have family, friends, and readers write me all the time asking what curriculum they should use for their child, and also how can they homeschool on the cheap. This is an awesome FREE preschool curriculum with anything and everything you needed to get started off right! Subscribe to Mama Goes Frugal today and receive […]

Homeschooling Resources Round-up Part 4 – Math

Math Resources

This is part 4 in our Homeschooling Round-Up Series and includes resources for Math. I have tried to include curriculum, living books, board games, activities, free printables and much more! If you missed Parts 1, 2 and 3 I have them linked at the bottom of the post. I also have a main link-up page where […]

English Lessons Through Literature: A Beautiful Blend of Charlotte Mason and Classical Styles


Have you heard of Barefoot Ragamuffin Curricula?Two years ago we stumbled upon Barefoot Ragamuffin Curriculum written by Kathy Jo Devore! I was first drawn to the name as my husband always jokes that I am a barefoot hippie! We were so impressed with the quality and style of this beautiful Charlotte Mason Curriculum with a […]

Looking for a Lasting Solution for all those Sibling Squabbles?!?


Wouldn’t it be nice to end the arguing and fighting once and for all? “They just won’t stop fighting, all they do is argue constantly! Why do they have to be so mean to each other? I can’t handle all the bickering, it’s driving me crazy!”Are these phrases familiar to you? Maybe they are familiar […]

Write From History: A Charlotte Mason Style Writing Program


Write From History is a history based, classical writing program that teaches writing the Charlotte Mason way! This unique writing program teaches grammar, spelling, penmanship and history all at one time! This program uses the four year history cycle and will appeal to both Charlotte Mason and Classical Style homeschoolers! You may be wondering, What is the […]

Math Essentials: Essential To Every Homeschool!


Math Essentials is essential to every homeschool!Some math books jump all over the place, and some work on one subject of problems and move on to the next without much review. This can lead to your child forgetting, or not really mastering a certain topic in math. This can lead to struggles and gaps later […]