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Music Memory Curriculum & Resources

Have you ever thought about how much music plays a role in learning? It can enhance your learning environment, improve memory skills and more. Find out how and check out these amazing resources that might just revolutionize your homeschool. ::

As a music major, I am a huge advocate for incorporating music into your learning. I have seen first-hand the benefits and difference a constant music presence can make in a child’s memory skills. Music also helps with coordination, improve overall math skills and build confidence in children.We have always had music playing for our children […]

41 Foreign Language Curriculum and Resources (Some FREE)


There are many benefits to teaching your homeschoolers a foreign language (or multiple languages). My last name is Fernandez, so naturally people assume that I speak Spanish. The telemarketers know…I get calls in español as well as Hispanic junk mail all of the time. My children are mixed; my husband is Filipino, Chinese, Spanish, and Mexican. I am […]

Our Writing Curriculum for 6th Grade: The New Curriculum we are Trying Out


I am a pretty relaxed homeschooler, and that has worked well for us, especially with homeschooling multiple ages. The problem that can arise at times, is that I may forget to teach important things like writing mechanics!I have 4 children, one who graduated our homeschool last year, and 3 girls that will be in 8th […]

60+ Bible and Character Building Curriculum and Resources for Homeschoolers


Many homeschooling families teach the Bible as a main subject. There are so many resources available to homeschoolers who are looking for a Bible curriculum. We have scoured the web and listed out as many Bible curriculum and resources we could find for your homeschool. You will find full Bible curriculum, Bible studies, character building […]

Sir Cumference Living Math Books for Homeschoolers – 15 FREE Resources to go with the Books


Math is often one of the most frustrating subjects for homeschoolers, both children and parents alike. Often times children struggle with math concepts that keep them from progressing, such as times tables or fractions. Sometimes taking a break and reading a living math book is the answer!Sir Cumference Living Math Books SeriesSir Cumference is a series […]

Math Curriculum Options for Homeschoolers


Math…it’s just one of those subjects that many homeschool moms dread. Thankfully we have it much better than homeschoolers did when homeschooling first started to become a thing because we have so many options. There are so many different types of math curriculum for homeschoolers: online math, DVD/CD-Rom math, math workbooks, hands-on math with manipulatives, […]