Curriculum Resources for Homeschoolers

With thousands of homeschooling curriculum choices available, what do you choose? Here we post some of our favorites as well as curriculum reviews, free homeschool curriculum, and deals.

When My Daughter Failed Reading Comprehension


I recall being in a public school classroom and sitting during the agonizing standardized tests in which my teacher would read a passage and I would answer questions. Do you remember doing that?We do not do the standard fill-in-the-bubble type tests when we do our end of the year homeschool evaluations. My children do not do […]

Online Learning Opens Doors

Online Learning Opens Doors

As we dive deeper into an age of technology, it is encouraging to see how technology can be used for good in the education sector. Though it’s difficult to track, iNACOL estimates there are millions of students across the U.S. who use supplemental online learning and hundreds of thousands of students who attend a full-time […]

A One Semester Home Economics Recipe Project

Do your pre-teens know how to cook? Do they enjoy it? Do they know how to plan a meal or a party menu? At the end of this Home Economics Recipe Project they will have a complete recipe file of family recipes that will set them up for successful cooking and meal planning as adults. Using […]

Do You Know the 5 Mistakes Parents & Students Make When Planning for College?


Do you know the five mistakes parents and students make when planning for college?When you think of your student’s college experience, you wouldn’t typically associate the words: affordableefficienteffective.But they can be accurate descriptors of your student’s college experience. Click here to listen to educator innovator Woody Robertson and author Stacy Farrell discuss how you can avoid the […]

Our Top Ten Favorite Homeschool Curriculum Options


I think every homeschooler has favorites. I have been homeschooling for over 12 years; we graduated our first homeschooler this past Spring. Our two children are 8 years apart and we are just now getting to use some of the curriculum we love all over again.I wanted to share with you what our top ten homeschool […]

41 Foreign Language Curriculum and Resources (Some FREE)


There are many benefits to teaching your homeschoolers a foreign language (or multiple languages). My last name is Fernandez, so naturally people assume that I speak Spanish. The telemarketers know…I get calls in español as well as Hispanic junk mail all of the time. My children are mixed; my husband is Filipino, Chinese, Spanish, and Mexican. I am […]

Our Writing Curriculum for 6th Grade: The New Curriculum we are Trying Out


I am a pretty relaxed homeschooler, and that has worked well for us, especially with homeschooling multiple ages. The problem that can arise at times, is that I may forget to teach important things like writing mechanics!I have 4 children, one who graduated our homeschool last year, and 3 girls that will be in 8th […]