FREE South Carolina State History Printable

South Carolina History Printable

South Carolina is an interesting mixture of the old and new, with major manufacturing plants throughout the state along with areas of beautiful buildings still standing that were built before the Civil War. It is the smallest state in the area of the U.S. known as the Deep South and is an important farming and […]

FREE Rhode Island State History Printable

Rhode Island History Printable

The founder of Rhode Island was Roger Williams, a minister, who wanted to start a colony where people could be free from all religious persecution. The people of Rhode Island have contributed much to the independent spirit of the nation. Many famous people are from Rhode Island, including Matthew C. Perry, Raymond M. Hood, Prudence […]

FREE Minnesota State History Printable

Minnesota History Printable

Minnesota is a state that is almost one-third forest and has thousands of inland lakes covering over a twentieth of the state’s area. It’s also recognized internationally as an important area for health care, medicine, and the manufacturing of everything from food products to computer products. This beautiful state attracts tourists all year long to […]

FREE Louisiana State History Printable

Louisiana History Printable

Louisiana’s location on the Gulf of Mexico has been a source of great blessings as well as significant heartbreak. This key shipping and shipbuilding area has suffered from floods and hurricanes throughout history. It is home to a strong, resilient population who continues to rebuild and shape the future of the state. Famous individuals including Bill […]

FREE Introduction to Canadian History Quiz Pack


This 54-page quiz pack is a great way to learn about some of the many Canadians who have left their mark on history as well as the provinces and territories of Canada. Seventeen quizzes and puzzles cover early explorers, the Fathers of Confederation, prime ministers, famous sports figures, the RCMP, and much more. Test your […]

FREE Maryland State History Printable

Maryland History Printable

Maryland played a vital role in the early years of the nation. It was the site of key events in the American Revolution, the War of 1812, and the Civil War. It’s home to the birthplace of “The Star Spangled Banner,” bordered by the Mason Dixon Line, and responsible for donating land for Washington, D.C. It’s […]

FREE Vermont State History Printable

Vermont History Printable

A state of contrasts, Vermont is a state rich with history. From the Green Mountain Boys’ role in the American Revolution to its modern role as a popular tourist destination, there is something for just about everyone in this small northeastern state. Many famous people are from Vermont, including Chester A. Arthur, Calvin Coolidge, John Deere, […]

FREE Arizona State History Printable

FREE Arizona State History Printable

Despite the desert heat, Arizona has become one of the fastest-growing states in the United States. With its beautiful scenery, electronic and aerospace manufacturing, and natural resources, it’s an amazing state to live in. It’s also the birthplace of many famous individuals including Barry Goldwater, Cesar Chavez, Geronimo, Ira Hamilton Hayes, Lori Ann Piestewa, and many […]

Martin Luther King, Jr. History Freebie

Martin-Luther-King,-Jr. History Coloring Book

This is an excellent way to share the story of Martin Luther King, Jr. with your students and combine history, handwriting practice, and coloring into one project. This new Martin Luther King, Jr. Coloring Book comes in three versions so you can pick the level of handwriting and coloring that is just right for your […]

FREE Oregon State History Printable

Oregon State History Printable

Dig into the rich history of the state of Oregon with this free 7-page printable. This land that was once claimed by Russia, Spain, Great Britain, and the United States is also the birthplace of many famous people including Beverly Cleary, Chief Joseph, Linus Pauling, Douglas Engelbart, and Steve Prefontaine. Take a closer look at the history […]