DIY Preschool Alphabet Book and Activity

Let’s face it, preschoolers are much more kinesthetic (i.e. hands on) in their approach to learning. When my very active son was learning his letters, I needed a way to keep him engaged and learning that would not stifle his interest or force him to be still for long periods of time. We created an […]

What does year round homeschooling look like?

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My daughter walked into the room laughing. “What’s so funny?” I asked? “Mom, your face when that zebra at the safari sneezed on you….!” more laughter. “I’ll never forget that.” she said. That was a trip we took to a Safari park en route to a homeschool conference we were speaking at last year. The […]

3 Ways To Teach Your Middle Schooler Responsibility

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You’re not raising children, you’re raising adults. What better place to teach independence and responsibility than in your homeschool? Here are three ways you can help your middle schooler be more responsible.  Curriculum Choices Allowing your middle school student to help choose his courses of study (after the non-negotiables are decided upon) will help increase his interest […]