Art History and Art Around the World Writing Integration


These step-by-step tutorials for art history and art around the world will help you integrate art and literacy with no prep or background knowledge. Your homeschool can explore art and cultures around the world by making gorgeous, detailed art projects. These art projects would fit perfectly with your literacy curriculum. Your kids will love to learn about children […]

75 More IKEA Hacks That Will Blow You Away


From bookcases to pretty home accessories and creative gifts, you can make just about anything from IKEA super fabulous. All you have to do is follow these step-by-step instructions from creative folks who have tried it all. Some of the coolest DIY projects are decor and furniture hacks done with cheap things found in IKEA […]

5 Easy Ways to Help Your Homeschooler Write a Personal Narrative


Inspire your secondary homeschoolers with these five easy ways to help your students write a personal narrative. These tips will help you give them the confidence to write their own stories. Narrative writing is just turning the stories of their lives into a written format, but convincing kids they have a story to tell can […]

Before College Checklist for Car and Personal Items


Check out these podcasts and prep checklists for personal items and your car before your homeschooler heads to college. You and your young adult should consider what is needed for the car or personal items to make their life easier away from home. You can never be too prepared, and its better to over do […]

Pollen Transfer Fine Motor Activity for Preschoolers


This pollen transfer activity works well with both toddlers and preschoolers and is perfect for giving those fine motor skills a little extra practice. Before you try this activity, find and read a couple of books about bees and how pollination helps plants grow. This simple but useful activity can also be used as another opportunity […]

FREE Skip Counting Mazes


Skip counting mazes are a great resource for children working on multiplication mastery and simple counting. You can use this freebie in so many ways. You can print the mazes on cardstock paper and laminate them; use a dry erase marker to solve the maze and then skip count up to x12. You can also […]