FREE Bible verse Activity and Craft to Teach Kids Thankfulness


I love to see kids being thankful for even the littlest of things. In a day and age of entitled and spoiled kiddos all around, it still is possible to have our kids be the objection. This freebie can help teach kids to give thanks to the Lord with an easy craft and a fun […]

10 FREE and Fun Activities for Kids

Beautiful little girl on the swing

It is a big deal to find FREE fun things to do with your homeschool. Check out these 10 fun and absolutely free things to do with your kiddos this year. This is a great list of ideas in various locations to do with your kids pretty much any time of the year. Maybe use […]

FREE Pumpkin Themed Handwriting Practice Printables


These Cute Pumpkin themed worksheets for practicing handwriting skills will get your child excited about writing. These free printables will help your kiddos trace and write the alphabet and numbers to 10. We are in full swing of fall themed freebies and I am so glad for young learners (Pre-K/Kindergarten) to use these pumpkin themed […]

FREE Scriptural Discipline If/Then Chart


Trying to discipline a child according to God’s Word is not an easy thing to do. This free If/Then Chart uses Scripture and logical consequences to help with disciplining our children the right way. I was at my wit’s end with my kids who fought constantly. It broke my heart to see them annoyed with […]

FREE DIY Recipe Binder Pages and Organization Tips


If you love collecting recipes, then you will want to explore this easy way to organize your recipes in your home. It has been a year now that my family has been keeping recipes. I didn’t really grow up on recipes. I am Puerto Rican; we cook beans, rice and meat — with a little […]

FREE 10-minute Math Warm-Ups


Studies show that spending a few minutes each day doing math warm-up helps warm-up our brains for a full math lesson. These math warm-up activities are a great way to strengthen prior knowledge of math skills, and can be knocked-out in just 10 minutes a day. These activities include brain teasers and logic puzzles to […]

Cloth Napkins: Easy Sewing Tutorial


‘Tis the season for a change of scenery in your home. If you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner then you may want to take a look at some ways to decorate that won’t break the bank. This easy sewing tutorial will show you how to make cloth napkins for your dinner table. You can change the […]

10 FREE Ideas for Physical Education (PE) in Homeschool

Ideas for Homeschool PE

Physical Education (PE) is an important subject to incorporate in homeschool; for some of us, PE is also a state requirement which makes it even more crucial to our child’s education. This insight explores exactly how to homeschool PE and provides 10 FREE ideas to get your homeschool started. With this age of technology knocking […]

FREE Printable Unicorn Preschool Activity Packet


When is a good time to use unicorn printables? Just about any time when it comes to little girls. This  free unicorn printables preschool activity will bring a smile to any girl’s face when it comes to learning. This post includes a free nine page unicorns worksheets printable packet for preschoolers and kindergarteners as well […]