FREE Printable Preschool Writing Prompts


Do you struggle sometimes to think of how and what to get your preschooler writing? I love writing prompts, since they are a great catalyst for getting the imagination going. You can start early with writing prompts and with prompt topics that your children actually┬áneed to know at this young age. These free printables will […]

Animals that Hibernate (FREE 18- Page Coloring Book Printable)


I found out so many things just with one Unit Study on Hibernation! Yes, that’s not a typo, I said “I” learned (and my son did as well). Whenever, I heard about hibernation I had previously assumed it mostly meant ‘bears’. However, there are so many more animals that hibernate and these coloring pages are […]

Simple Homeschool Evaluation (FREE 5-Page Homeschool Evaluation Workbook)


A simple homeschool evaluation can help you solve a multitude of problems, from scheduling and planning to fitting in extras… when you don’t think its possible. Once you evaluate your homeschool once, you probably will find that it will be useful to evaluate it more than once a year. Things are always changing, so to […]