Praying for Contentment FREE Scripture Printables


If you are like me, then you probably could use a little more contentment in your heart. This praying for contentment resource with free scripture printables will be a good step to help. Contentment is certainly a character trait and a fruit of the Spirit that I want for myself and my children. Let’s take some time to […]

FREE Greek and Latin Roots Doodle Sketch Notes


Teach Greek and Latin root words with doodle and sketching notes to broaden your homeschool’s vocabulary. Teacher Thrives explains how almost 70% of the English language is derived from Latin and Greek languages. Teaching these roots are “building blocks” kids can use to  recognize and decode unfamiliar words. It will get more and more important […]

10 Awesome Activities for Preschool Scissor Skills


Teach your toddler or preschooler correct scissor skills with these fun activities that go way beyond worksheets. This resource will help your young learner with cutting lines, play dough, flowers, paper, straws, and much more. Best of all, is that these easy cutting activities don’t require a lot of materials. You will have your learners cutting like […]

Free Medieval History Unit Study


If you are looking for an interesting unit study for your primary aged homeschool, then try this Medieval Times resource. In this Medieval Times unit study, your homeschool will learn about castles, knights, chivalry, coats of arms, food, and other elements from the middle ages. This even includes hands-on activities to get your learners engaged.Click here […]

25+ Totally Awesome Science Fair Projects


Save these 25+ totally awesome science fair project ideas for primary and elementary students. Each of these ideas are simple enough that your child can take the lead on their very own. Even kindergarten learners can try some of these; with guidance from mom or dad, of course.Check out these 25+ totally awesome science fair projects […]

20 Hands-On Activities for Learning Colors


These fun hands-on activities for learning colors are a great way to teach and reinforce preschool and kindergarten concepts. These fun activities have something for all kids like sorting and matching to homemade games. It is easy to use worksheets to teach color. However if you want to stay away from worksheets, then you will love these […]

Eat on a “Beans and Rice” Budget- Even if Your Husband Hates Beans


Learn how to eat frugally on a “beans and rice” budget, even if someone in your family hates beans. This sounded pretty random to me, however I wanted to share this with those families who have a picky person, especially who doesn’t like beans. I am Puerto Rican and love beans, but that’s not the case for […]