FREE Noah and the Flood Bible Lesson


Our homeschool days are perfect for teaching God’s holy word to our preschoolers. It can be difficult, at times, to teach Bible lessons to our youngest learners. This FREE Bible lesson on Noah and the flood is written with preschoolers in mind. In this absolutely free lesson, your child will be introduced to Noah and […]

FREE Subtraction Game Using Flash Cards


We can never get enough practice for learning basic math skills. This simple subtraction game is perfect to go alongside your subtraction lessons or to use as practice during quiet time. The free subtraction game includes free subtraction flash cards to help your child subtract the numbers 0-9 automatically. Click here for a free subtraction board game […]

FREE Instruction Sheet for Science Fair Poster Creations


Do you have science fair projects planned for assignment in your homeschool this year? This free science fair poster creation instruction sheet will be what your homeschooler will need to complete a great project. Many students struggle with what exactly should go on their science fair poster, so they will love this guide to help them. […]

13 Common Homeschool Mistakes


There may be some mistakes that homeschooling parents make that we wish we could have learned earlier or avoided altogether. You might have gone head first into this homeschool year and are wondering what you may be doing wrong. Whether you have some years of homeschooling under your belt or you are a newbie, remember that mistakes are […]

Number of the Day FREE Printable Worksheets


It is fun to teach your kids numbers and have them comprehend what they mean in different contexts. They can learn to imitate you counting numbers, but when you realize that they understand what numbers mean, there is a wonderful sense of accomplishment. This set of free printable kindergarten math worksheets for numbers 0 – […]

Starting a Financial Disaster Plan


Have you ever thought of reserve funds for an emergency? What if you didn’t have the finances to deal with it? Life may have you in that space right now. Having a plan for financial disasters is something we should think about and begin a path of preparedness to, just in case. Having a plan in place will […]

Teach Kids to Code with these 6 Genius Ideas


There are a few super genius ways kids can learn to code in their adolescent years. This super mega post is filled with information for why and how a kid should learn to code. Many techie kids are curious about learning to program and code. Technology continues to play a bigger and bigger role in […]

Shoestring Budget Homeschooling Tricks


I originally thought that homeschooling will cost an arm and a leg. However, we can learn several tricks to providing the best possible homeschool curriculum for the least amount of money. Most of us have had a shoestring budget for all but our first year of homeschooling. We spent a lot of money at first, and […]