FREE Printable Baby Animals Pack


This free, printable Baby Animals Pack has some of the most beautiful pictures of mommy and baby animals! The pack includes lots of different animals, not just the usual dogs, cats, and rabbits. The pages are full of activities that would be suitable for kindergarteners. (And, for those of you that might be looking for lemurs, […]

FREE Godless in America Video Download by Answers In Genesis


Are you concerned over the spiritual state of our nation? Even though America has more Christian resources and Bible colleges ever in its history, the nation is on a spiritual downward spiral. Hear Ken Ham explain the abandonment of the biblical foundations of the USA and why we are losing generations from the church.Click here to download […]

Free Human Body Printables for Kids


Are your kids interested in learning how the human body works? These free human body printables are a great resource for an anatomy study! Learning about the human body is a great subject for your homeschool science class! Your kids will have fun learning about the human body with these printables from Living Life and Learning! […]

Free Kindergarten Homeschool Schedule Printable


While Kindergarten should be full of plenty of fun, you still need to start teaching them how to read, write and count. Starting to homeschool a Kindergartner can be challenging as you strive to get them on a schedule for learning. Planning your Kindergarten homeschool days is easy with this printable from Living Life and Learning! […]

Free Do You Want to Build a Snowman Printable


Whether you have snow outside your door or not, your kids can still build a snowman this year! Crafts are a great activity to help pass the long winter days. There is still plenty of winter days left before spring arrives. Your kids will have fun making this craft Sight and Sound Reading! Stop by […]

A New Way to Learn about St. Patrick’s Day


Got lesson plans for St. Patrick’s Day? Cover history, science, art, tech ed and more with the St. Patrick’s Day Online Unit Study from Loving Learning Freely. With this eLearning course, your family will discover the history of St. Patrick’s Day and learn about the man behind the holiday. You will do a chemistry experiment, create […]

Windy and Cool Science Experiments with FREE Printable


It has been windy here for the past week. I’m talking really windy. Great time to do some Windy and Cool Science Experiments with a free printable! There are instructions for five experiments; the free printable is a pinwheel.Click here to download your free printable! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and […]

FREE President’s Day “If I Were President” Worksheet


This free “If I Were President” Worksheet is perfect for President’s Day! I recommend you have your child fill it out as creatively as possible, then give him the rest of the day off! (Or if you’re like many homeschoolers, just plow right on through this national holiday to save up time for your own […]

FREE Printable Lemur Craft


Do you have a child that loves lemurs? Then this is the printable for you, because there aren’t many free lemur printables out there! Instructions are included which includes printing, painting, cutting, and gluing. Lots of fun!Click here to download your free printable! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress with […]