FREE Printable Order of Operations Puzzle


If you want to hear my kids roll their eyes and whine (which you don’t), just say “PEMDAS” or “Parachute Expert My Dear Aunt Sally.” This is the acronym we used to teach them the order of operations when solving an algebraic problem. Knowing the order of operations is absolutely essential. There’s no getting around […]

FREE Printable Pearl Harbor Lapbook

Pearl Harbor Lapbook

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day is December 7th and you can start your research now with this free, printable Pearl Harbor Lapbook. When working with national holidays that memorialize historical persons or events, it’s helpful to do the studying before the date of the holiday. If you wait until afterwards or the “day of,” it loses […]

Simple Steps to Creating Your Own Unit Study with FREE Printable Planning Page


Don’t you love it when you discover a unit study that you know your child will love? What if I told you that you could design the unit study of your choice? Maybe you have a child interested in skunks or archery or fashion – you have every reason to believe that you are capable […]

FREE Printable Men of the Bible Coloring Pages


Have you ever noticed that although a story may be captivating, some children still have a hard time sitting still? The Old Testament Bible stories are riveting and we don’t want our children to miss any of the important lessons to be learned. A great way to keep their mind on the story at hand is […]