FREE Kindergarten Writing Prompts


Teaching our little ones to write can begin as early as kindergarten.Teaching writing at such a young age is supposed to be fun, and encourage them to be creative. At this age, many can still not read or write on their own, that is where drawing and dictating stories comes in quite handy! I love […]

FREE Nat King Cole Mini Biography


We love learning about famous musicians and different styles of music in our homeschool. Nat King Cole is such an interesting musician to learn about. If your children haven’t heard any of his songs yet, they are beautiful and so much fun to listen to. Did you know that he learned to play the piano […]

FREE Make Your Own Paper Bag Lungs Activity


If you are learning about the Human Body in your homeschool science you will love this fun hands on activity!There is just something about crafts and hands-on activities that really helps my children to solidify and understand what we are learning and reading about in our studies. I absolutely love this activity from Living Life […]

FREE Homeschooler’s Guide to Teaching Highschool Math


Learning how teach highschool subjects can be a pretty daunting task to a homeschool mom that is new to teaching highschool. Math is one of those subjects that has always freaked me out! Thankfully there are so many helps available so that you don’t get overwhelmed!There are several ways to go about teaching High School […]

FREE Apple Themed Printables and Crafts

Apple Themed Printables and Crafts

We love apples and they are so abundant in the fall. I don’t live anywhere where we can pick apples but many people do! One year we went to North Carolina and came back with a huge case of apples from an orchard. We had so many apples! We made apple sauce, apple pie, apple pie […]

Feather Beading Activity for Fine Motor Skills

feather bead fine motor activity for kids2

I love finding activities that my little ones can do to keep them busy, but that also help them with their fine motor skills.This activity from from Sugar Aunts (The OT Toolbox) would be perfect to use this Thanksgiving week or when studying about Indians. These would also make some great decorations! This idea is […]