High School Electives you Probably Never Thought of but Should


I think one of my favorite parts of homeschooling through high school is helping my teens to choose their elective classes.Electives are a great way to introduce our teens to subjects and topics that can be of interest to them in the future, either as a career or as a hobby, or just to aid […]

FREE Beauty and the Beast Printable Handwriting Sets


If you have a Beauty and the Beast fan in your home, they will just adore these handwriting practice sheets! These handwriting printable sets feature your favorite characters form Beast. There are 104 pages worth of handwriting practice for your student. Two pages for each letter in print and cursive. Your child will have mastered all 26 […]

Famous Inventors Series: FREE Printables, Unit Studies and Hands-On Activities – James Watt

James Watt

This is the fifth post in our Famous Inventor Series. If you enjoy unit studies in your homeschool you will love this series on famous inventors. Inventions are fascinating and inventors are so much fun to learn about. It is a great conversation when you talk to your kids about the inventions that were created […]

Essentials for Stocking a Kitchen and Pantry – High School Life Skills Elective


Teaching our teens about life skills is an important (and one of my favorite) parts of homeschooling. Stocking a kitchen and pantry is a great life skill to have. Imagine if your teen was suddenly on their own, would they know what they needed to stock their kitchen with? Would they know the necessities or […]

FREE Pet Rabbit Facts Color and Copwork


If your kids love rabbits or own a pet rabbit they will enjoy this adorable copywork! These pet rabbit facts color and copywork would be perfect for a child that either owns a rabbit, or has been wanting to get one as a pet. There are so many fun and interesting facts about owning a […]

FREE and Cheap for Kindle: Aesop’s Fables Books


Today we are delighted to share these FREE and Cheap Aesop’s Fables Books!Please note: These Kindle books were FREE or discounted at the time of posting, but likely will only be so for a limited time. Prices can change quickly. Please verify the price before purchasing.Read them on your Kindle, Kindle Fire Tablet or the free Kindle […]

Microscope School FREE Notebooking Pages for Kids


Microscopes are so much fun! I love how they can be used on their own, even without a science curriculum.I have found some great notebooking pages that can be used to create your very own microscope themed unit study. This is delight directed learning at it’s best! Your kids will have so much fun learning […]