FREE Fidget Spinner STEM Challenge Cards

fidget spinner stem 1200x800 prek label

Fidget spinners: you either love them, or you hate them! I know many teachers that work in a classroom that can stand them!Did you know that fidget spinners can actually be used as an educational learning experience? I love finding things that would normally be annoying or irritating and turn it into an education moment. […]

FREE Civil War Curriculum for all grades


I love finding curriculum for my homeschool that is completely FREE! I am excited to share this free Civil War Curriculum with you! Created by classroom teachers and education department, The Civil War Curriculum is an easy-to-use, interdisciplinary, resource-rich guide for teaching the American Civil War. You can explore the lessons online and download PDFs […]

How to Assign High School Credit for Electives


My favorite part of homeschooling high school is being able to customize electives and subjects that interest my teens. When you homeschool, you can tailor any elective to what interests your students. Sometimes it can be tricky to figure out how to assign credit to a subject that is not a normal textbook type of […]

Understanding Air: FREE Lego Science Molecule Workshop


I found the coolest online Science Workshop that uses Legos! Using LEGO® bricks as atoms, the students build a model of air and then combust fuel models to produce additional carbon dioxide and air pollutants. This lesson is for ages 11 and up. There is a free webinar to watch, free lesson plans and detailed instructions […]

FREE Elementary Math Worksheets


Here are some fun elementary math practice worksheets that are candy themed! With this free printable pack, Chef Digit will help your child learn basic addition and subtraction facts through colorful pictures and simple story problems. There are math problems to trace to help practice writing skills, math problems to solve to practice math skills, […]

The Phantom of the Opera Learning Guide


We love studying the fine arts in our homeschool. The Phantom of the Opera is a classic Broadway musical that is so fascinating and fun to learn about. I remember watching the musical when I was in Middle School and was so fascinated with the storyline and the music. The songs were so catchy and […]

FREE Printable Robot Workbook


I love finding cute themed printables for my preschoolers. If your little ones love robots, or you are working on a robot theme these printables will be perfect.This free printable robot workbook has the cutest images. There are robot coloring pages, alphabet dab sheets, matching, direction worksheets, counting practice and more!You can grab this free […]

Ernest Hemingway: A Highschool Literature Study


I love finding topics and authors that interest my teens and turning it into a unit study. Ernest Hemingway produced most of his work between the mid-1920s and the mid-1950s, and won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1954. Many of his works are considered classics of American literature. He was a very interesting man, that led an adventurous […]