FREE Highschool Geometry Worksheets and Problems


Here are some great resources for Geometry practice for High School Math. Geometry is the study of shape, size, position and space. It is after the Greek mathematician Euclid who around 300BC made a list of objects and assumptions (called axioms) from which all results follow. These worksheets can be used for geometry practice and […]

Fairy Garden Ideas and How To’s: A Fun Family Outdoor Activity for Spring

Fairy Garden Ideas

Spring is right around the corner. This is the perfect time not only to start working on planting a garden, but how about a Fairy Garden?My kids love playing outdoors especially in springtime when it’s not too hot, and not too cold. They especially love playing in the dirt, and playing with natural materials. Fairy […]

All About the Solar System FREE Printable Pack


This solar system printable pack is packed with awesome outer space learning activities for kids in grades K-3! This pack includes over 25 pages of activities and is perfect for a fun unit study on the Solar System!Included in the packet is:An introduction to each member of the solar system, with a fun mnemonic device for remembering […]

FREE Periodic Table of Elements Notecards 62 Page Printable


Learning the Periodic Table of Elements can be tricky, there are a lot of elements that need to be learned. These Periodic Table of Elements Cards will help your child learn and record more about each of the elements on the periodic table – the atomic number, atomic weight, symbol, state at room temperature, melting […]

FREE and Cheap Gardening Books for Kindle

Free and Cheap Kindle Gardening Books

Today we are delighted to share these FREE and Cheap Gardening Books for Homeschoolers!Please note: These Kindle books were FREE or discounted at the time of posting, but likely will only be so for a limited time. Prices can change quickly. Please verify the price before purchasing.Read them on your Kindle, Kindle Fire Tablet or the free […]

FREE Road Trip Scavenger Hunt for Middle Schoolers


For parents of teens, it’s sometimes difficult to find fun, non-electronic things to do in the car because a lot of road trip games are geared toward younger children. This road trip scavenger hunt is created specifically for older kids to help keep them engaged and active during long road trips. There are 50 items […]

FREE Statistics Worksheets and Problems


Do you have a high schooler that is studying statistics this year? Statistics is the study of analysing data, particularly large quantities of data. By analysing data statisticians hope to be able to draw conclusions or make predictions. High school math students can use these statistics problems for study purposes and extra practice. There are […]