The Homeschooling Crimes Series – 8 Week Series Wrap-Up

homeschoolingcrimes wrap up

Did you  happen to catch our Homeschooling Crimes Series? We ran this series the end of summer/beginning of the school year. Maybe you didn’t get a chance to read through all of the posts or missed the series all together. In case you missed a week we have compiled a list of all of our posts […]

Sewing for Beginners: Round-Up of Ideas and How-To’s


Have you been wanting to learn how to sew, or are you a self taught beginner who wants to learn even more? One of my biggest regrets in highschool was not taking Home-Ec class. I have always wanted to learn how to sew. When I was pregnant with my third daughter I just knew that […]

Featured Publisher: Dyslexia Games


I am so excited to share our featured publisher with you today! I stumbled upon Dyslexia Games online one day and was so excited about what I had found! We immediately contacted them and they sent us a great sample of their products! I have one daughter with some learning challenges, and another daughter who is […]

FREE SAT/ACT Prep Software for Students!


I just found a great resource for FREE test prep! Testive is a free adaptive SAT/ACT prep software that is available to any student with an internet connection. The students that use Testive showan average increase of 150 points on the SAT, and a 3 point increase on the ACT. Check out the FREE Testive […]

Archaeology FREE Printables and Hands-On Activities


Archaeology is such a fun study of History with your kids! It is one of my favorite unit studies and topics in History that we have ever studied together. Here are some great FREE Printables to help you to create your own Archaeology Unit Study:The USDA Forest Service has a FREE Kids Guide to Archaeology […]

FREE Shel Silverstein Printable Pack


Do you enjoy reading poetry with your children? Shel Silverstein is such a fun poet and his poems are enjoyed by all! This fun printable pack will make for a fun unit study on this poet and some of his works. There is copywork, crossword puzzles, handwriting practice and more!Download your FREE Shel Silverstein Packet […]

FREE Fiction Proofreading Checklist for Teens


Do your older students know how to proofread their own papers? If your students are writing a fiction paper there are different steps that they can take to proofread their own work.This proofreading checklist will help your students to evaluate their work to see if anything needs to be corrected or added.Download your FREE Fiction […]

FREE Cause and Effect Essay Prompts for Highschool


Do you need more topics for your highschoolers to write essays on? Consider having them right a cause and effect essay.When high schoolers are confronted with current events, they should be able to independently analyze the data or situations. These cause and effect essay prompts will help your teens to draw conclusions about the causes and […]

FREE Parts of Speech Posters


Are your children learning about the parts of speech? These FREE Parts of Speech Posters are fun and colorful. They would be great to hang up in a school room and will help your kids to remember:AdjectivesNounsAdverbsInterjectionsConjunctionsPrepositionsPronounsVerbsDownload your FREE Parts of Speech Posters HERE! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress with […]