Earth Science Series: Archaeology! FREE Printables and Resources


I think it’s time for another Science Series! This is the first post in our new Earth Science Series!One of my favorite reasons to homeschool is the ability to custom tailor our studies to my children’s interests. This is very easy to do especially in Science. Archaeology is fun because you can combine science and […]

New Bible Study with BONUS Hymn Study ONLY $4.99!


Kim from Not Consumed has created another wonderful and valuable resource for parenting!Obedience is a good thing, it’s more than a response to avoid discipline. It is a relationship of loving submission to God. You can teach your kids to obey, but you can also teach them to WANT to obey! This is the premise of […]

Featured Fridays ~ Our Favorites Revealed: Alpha Omega and 15% Off Sale!


We love Alpha Omega Publications! You don’t want to miss this sale!Everything from Alpha Omega Publications is 15% off right now at Hearts at Home Store! You still have a couple of days to take advantage of this great deal!Alpha Omega is the publisher of these popular curricula:Horizons Horizons is one of our best sellers! Check out our Horizons […]

Activity Bags: Ideas and FREE Printables!


Are you looking for something to keep your little ones busy? How about an activity bag?Do you have little ones that want to “do school”? Or how about the toddler that may get into the crayons, markers or paint while you are trying to help your older children with their school work? Enter the Activity/Busy […]

Featured Friday: Flip Flop Learning and 20% Off Sale!


Have you ever heard of Flip Flop Learning?Teaching a foreign language can be quite daunting at times. Most Spanish for Children resources are sometimes too advanced, sometimes too silly, sometimes just plain boring… but Flip Flop Learning overcomes all that by basing language acquisition on your relationship with your child, as well as fun, proven activities!Why […]

Notebooking for Older Students: How, Why, Plus Freebies!


Have you ever tried notebooking with your older students? Carrie is always posting about how she incorporates notebooking into history and science for her daughter, who will be going into high school next year! What is notebooking?Notebooking is essentially keeping an educational journal. The finished product is almost like a personal art journal and scrapbook! […]

Pre-Writing Practice: Freebies and Printables


Teaching your little ones doesn’t have to be daunting, it can be lots of fun!There are so many neat resources and ideas to use to teach your little ones how to write. I love the different methods you can use to mix it up and make it fun!Sensory Writing Activities:Learnwithplayathome has 3 different ways that you […]