FREE Bird Coloring Pages


Spring is the perfect time to study and learn about birds. If your kids love looking at birds and studying nature they will love these coloring pages. These coloring pages are so pretty. These would be a perfect addition to a bird unit study in your homeschool. My kids just love coloring, especially the fun, […]

FREE Highschool Numeracy Worksheets and Printables


Numeracy is an important part of any math curriculum. It is the back bone to really understanding math and being able to do the more difficult problems in the upper grades.I found some great worksheets and problems that will help your students to practice basic numeracy skills. These worksheets include : Arithmetic Skills (Addition, Substraction, […]

FREE Firefly Tracing and Scissor Practice Packet


Have your kids ever seen fireflies before? We saw our first fireflies this month while we were camping. I had no idea that there was even a firefly season in Florida! Fireflies are so fascinating and fun to look at. I found the cutest firefly tracing and scissor practice worksheets which would be perfect to use […]

It’s Normal: What Every Graduate Needs to Hear


Do you have a homeschooler that is graduating this year? Or maybe you have been invited to a homeschool graduation for a teen that you know.I personally have a homeschooler that is graduating in less than 3 weeks! He is my very first homeschool graduate. There are so many things I want to say to […]

The 4 Acts That Led to The Revolutionary War Series: The Stamp Act

The Stamp Act

This is the last post in The 4 Acts That Led to the Revolutionary War Series.There is no denying that taxation without proper representation is what set the stage for the American Revolutionary War. When the British Parliament began taxing the colonists by passing laws (The Acts) to raise more money for Britain, this put […]

FREE Printable Simple Math Games

A. Simple Maths Games To Play Together

There are so many simple hands-on games to play to improve your children’s understanding of beginning math concepts. Perfect for learning at school or at home, these printable games need only one or two resources to play but will improve a young child’s understanding of numbers.With just some pencils, dice, blocks, you can be ready to […]

FREE Worksheets for Exploring 3-D Shapes


3-D Shapes are important to learn about in math, especially in any type of geometry study. I found a great assortment of practice worksheets on the topic of 3D shapes. Depending on the abilities of your students, these could be appropriate for upper elementary, middle grades, or high school ages. There are 3-D Shape Charts, […]

FREE and Cheap for Kindle: Leonardo Da Vinci


Today we are delighted to share these Free and Cheap Leonardo Da Vinci BooksPlease note: These Kindle books were FREE or discounted at the time of posting, but likely will only be so for a limited time. Prices can change quickly. Please verify the price before purchasing.Read them on your Kindle, Kindle Fire Tablet or […]