Lego Classification FREE Printables


Legos are a marvelous thing! They can really keep kids engaged in what they are learning when they are using Legos to learn.If you are learning about classification in Science, I have found the perfect printable diagrams from Life Over C’s. These printable Lego diagrams are a perfect introduction to learning how to classify. There […]

All About Cells FREE Printables and Resources

All About Cells FREE Printables and Resources

If you are learning about Life Science in your homeschool or plants and animals you will most likely be studying and learning about cells. Cells can be tricky to remember in Science. There are so many components that make up a cell, and there is a huge difference between human, animal and plant cells. When we […]

Learning About Christmas Around the World FREE 6 Day Mini Unit


I love taking Christmastime to do themed unit studies and take the time to learn about things we normally wouldn’t be studying during our regular homeschool week.Christmas break is a great time to learn about how people in other countries live and celebrate the holidays. This would be a fun unit study to do with […]

Snowman, Winter, Snow and Ice FREE Preschool Printables

free printables background snowman winter snow ice

I love finding fun, themed pirntables for my preschoolers to do throughout the different seasons. This printable pack from Preschool Powol Packets is themed with adorable snowmen, and ice and winter themed printable ice, winter, and snowman-themed printables are perfect for some winter learning fun. You can grab these wintery fun printables HERE. Need An Affordable Approach to […]

FREE Homeschooler’s Guide to Teaching Highschool Science


Learning how to teach highschool subjects can be a pretty daunting task to a homeschool mom that is new to the highschool years. I know I am so thankful  for the many helps available so that you don’t get overwhelmed!There are several ways to go about teaching High School Science that doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Sometimes […]

Christmas Candy Crafts and FREE Printables

Christmas Candy Crafts and FREE Printables

If you would ask my kids what their favorite part of the Christmas season is, they would most likely say all the wonderful sweet treats!Christmas is full of many sweet delights! I have fond memories of spending Christmas break in my Grandma’s kitchen cooking up candied popcorn, homemade caramels and fudge. Even though we spend […]

FREE Christmas Story Bible Coloring Pages


I love teaching my little ones about the Christmas story and the birth of Jesus. I love having coloring pages and crafts out around Christmas break that tell of the story of Jesus and the real meaning of Christmas. I have found the cutest Christmas Bible Story coloring pages from The Crafty Classroom. These would go great […]