Reformation Day Resources: {free} printables, activities and MORE!

Reformation Day is coming up October 31st. Here are some great ideas to help your kids learn more and celebrate this great day in Church History!

Reformation Day is a holiday I want my kids to know all about. It’s a pivotal point in church history that shaped the beliefs and freedoms we have today. So this year, we will be doing some fun printables and hands-on activities to learn more and celebrate this event that happened so many years ago […]

Election Day Resources: {free} printables, activities & books

Your kids will have fun learning all about Election Day with the great resources - Mock Election ballots, recipes, crafts, books & MORE!!

Although many elections are held throughout the year, the second Tuesday in November is typically when a large majority of elections are held – including the Presidential elections (every 4 years), Senate and Congress races as well as many local elections. Have fun teaching your kids about Election Day this year with these great resources.Printables:Don’t […]

Fall Themed Resources: {free} printables, activities & MORE!

Fall Themed Resources including {free} printables, crafts & activities, books and recipes

Fall is upon us! Are the temperatures dropping where you are? They sure are here! We are seeing fewer days in the 80’s and more in the 50’s-60’s. The leaves are turning beautiful colors and my kids are loving the cooler temps to play outside. Soon the days will be shorter and we will be […]

Columbus Day Resources: {free} printables, crafts, activities & books

Columbus Day Resources - {free} printables, crafts, activities and books to use when celebrating this great explorer!

Columbus Day is celebrated on the second Monday in October every year. This year (2014), that falls on the 13th of October, which is just around the corner. There are so many fun activities, crafts and printables for you to use with your kids this year as you celebrate and talk about one of the […]

Constitution Day Resources – {free} printables, books, activities & MORE

Make Constitution Day (Sept 17th) come alive with these fun printables, crafts, activities, books and videos.

Constitution Day is coming up on September 17th. This is a great time to introduce the Constitution and even some of the battles that led to this historic document and time in history. I have gathered some printables and activities you can do with your kids to help them learn about the Constitution and why […]

Outer Space themed {free} printables, activities & MORE

Have fun studying our Solar System and Outer Space with these {free} printables, fun activities & crafts, recipes and MORE!!

My oldest has always been fascinated with all things space. Our first year of homeschooling, he wanted to study Astronomy, so we did. Now, he still likes learning about God’s creation and imagining what Outer Space is like. So I decided we should do a small unit study on Outer Space and our Solar System. […]

FREE Apple printables, crafts, recipes and MORE!

FREE Apples printables activities MORE

The warmer temperatures have been rolling in around our neck of the woods as August is coming to a close. And as September approaches, I am getting excited for Fall. I love all things fall, but one of my favorite things to do with the kids is Apple studies. So today I have gathered some […]

Community Workers FREEBIES – printables, crafts, MORE!

FREE Community Workers printables activities MORE

With school starting and kids getting in a routine, I start thinking about all the different units and fun studies we will do in the next month. One of my favorites is the Community Workers week. I love seeing them explore and talk about the different jobs around our community. This year I even hope to […]