22 Instant Pot Recipes Ready in 15 Minutes or Less

Sometimes life gets crazy and the day gets away from us. Here are some Instant Pot Recipes you can make and serve in just 15 minutes or Less! :: www.homeschoolgiveaways.com

If you’re a beginner to the Instant Pot, I recommend you start with our Beginners post. If you’re looking for some delicious recipes and meals you can make in a hurry, you’ve come to the right place.We’ve all had days where life has been crazy and dinner time approaches, only to find out nothing is ready to eat. […]

Homeschool Lunches Made Easy

Somehow lunch seems to be the hardest meal for most homeschool moms. Here are some great tips, ideas and recipes to make homeschool lunches quick, easy and healthy! :: www.homeschoolgiveaways.com

As a homeschool mom, lunch is probably my least favorite meal. We are a cold cereal and Pop-Tart with the occasional pancakes/bacon/eggs kinda breakfast family. Generally speaking, my children make their own breakfasts. But by lunch they typically want something hot, which means either my oldest fixes lunch for them or I have to stop teaching […]

50 Amazing One Pot Meals

One Pot Meals_square2

With 5 kids, the less dishes the better! If I can make a complete meal in one dish/pot, I am thrilled and just pray it becomes a family favorite. I love finding meals that are quick, easy and healthy too. These one-pot meals are sure to become family favorites in your home!One Pan Creamy Tortellini […]

50 States: Maryland

I have gathered everything you need to teach and learn about the great state of Maryland. :: www.homeschoolgiveaways.com

The only time I have been to Maryland was passing through as we were in Washington D.C. for another trip. I didn’t see anything and I sure don’t remember anything. However, I hope to change that one day soon! I have some friends that live there and I would love to see the state and […]

57 Yummy Bowl Dinners

Have you tried making some of those bowl meals? I have gathered 57 yummy recipes for you to try! :: www.homeschoolgiveaways.com

I am all for meals that are healthy and easy to make. Right now these Bowl Meals seem to be all the rage. I love all the variations of them and how you can mix and match ingredients to make multiple meals with few ingredients. They are so fun. If only I get my family […]