85+ Resources for Teaching Colors

Teaching colors is a fun stage with preschoolers, but finding resources can be labor intensive. I've gathered a HUGE list for you here! :: www.homeschoolgiveaways.com

The beginning of a new year always means homeschool planning is just around the corner – at least for me it does. And one of the more difficult ages I have to plan for is preschool. I get so overwhelmed with everything and what to teach and how. So, I decided to break things up […]

50+ Delicious Maple Recipes

Maple is one of those flavors I just love, especially in the winter. These dishes use maple to make some amazing and delicious food! :: www.homeschoolgiveaways.com

Maple is one of those flavors that just says winter to me. I love maple syrup any time of the year, but maple flavored treats I reserve only for the cooler months. Whether its the warm taste or just a mental thing, I don’t know, but I have been craving maple for a few weeks now. So […]

85 More Winter Time Resources

If you live anywhere in the north, its likely that your kids can't always be outside. These fun Winter printables and activities are great for those days you're stuck inside. :: www.inallyoudo.net

We have had some snow this season already, but it didn’t stick around long. Now we are being flooded with rain, which means my kids still can’t go outside and enjoy the nicer days. Winter is hard, especially in the northern part of the United States. Most of the time, the weather is too cold […]

29 Delicious Fudge Recipes

If you love fudge as much as I do, you don't want to miss these delicious recipes! From classic recipes to allergy friendly to low carb and more! :: www.homeschoolgiveaways.com

Every year that I can remember, my grandma has made fudge at Christmas time. She makes a plain chocolate fudge both with and without nuts and it is my first stop in the door. Several years ago my husband and I researched different types of fudge and found some amazing and delicious recipes. We tried […]