Free Chicken Life Cycle Coloring Pages


Start your chicken unit off right with these fun coloring pages! Perfect for kids of all ages, these coloring pages include 4 different styles of handwriting. Download your set from In All You Do now.GO HERE TO DOWNLOAD NOW Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress with our award-winning online homeschool […]

Introduction to Multiplication Lesson Bundle Sale: Now through April 8th


Are you preparing to introduce your kids to multiplication? This is such an important math concept, and one that requires a solid foundation for future math learning. This Introduction to Multiplication Lesson Bundle from Bethany at Math Geek Mama includes everything you need to set your kids up for success!   This bundle includes hands-on […]

Coding a Lego Maze with FREE Printable


When my son plays with his Legos, I can feel good knowing they encourage him to be creative and he is developing thinking and problem-solving skills. Really, there’s no end to the benefits of playing with Legos! Since they’ve never been more popular, here’s a great opportunity to use them purposefully! The whys and the hows of coding […]

Long “I” Vowel Pattern with FREE Printable Pack


This is a terrific freebie for those children new to the long “I” sound or those who are struggling with it and need extra help. The pages are nicely laid out, the pictures are sweet, and the fonts make the pages interesting to the young learner. Word sorts, spelling sheets, and games are included! Click here to […]

Free Butterflies Preschool Worksheets


When we make learning more fun, little ones are more likely to enjoy it! Butterflies are a great springtime theme for your preschool homeschooling! Your little learners will have fun using these free butterfly themed worksheets this spring! Learning about butterflies in preschool can be a lot of fun and your little learners will enjoy these fun […]

Free Frogs Preschool Printable Worksheets


Preschoolers love to explore the outdoors and learn about the world outside! Springtime is here and that means that the frogs are going to be outside hopping about! Encourage your little learners to want to discover more by making learning more fun with resources like this one! Learning about frogs in preschool can be a […]

Free Letter D Coloring Pages


When you take the time to find resources that make learning fun, you’re more apt to encouraging your little learners to want to learn! Preschoolers need to have fun when they are learning or else they will likely not be interested. The alphabet is one of the first lessons that they will need to learn, […]

Free Spring Writing Paper


Spring has arrived and there are so many fun activities to write about with the new season! Blank writing paper is not always what a child needs to be encouraged to write. Some children need inspiration and ideas to spur thoughts to write well! Writing is more fun when there is themed paper involved! Your […]