FREE Animal Research Printables (Instant Download)


My daughter loves learning about animals. Last year we used Sassafras Science volume 1 Zoology and it was one of her most favorite things in school. She loves using notebooking pages to do research and copy facts that she has learned. Below you can find a FREE instant download of an Animal Research Paper and a “Make up […]

Following Instructions Using STEM Boxes


Summertime can bring on boredom, too much screen-time, and laziness in my children. My 9-year old is a super active girl who needs something to constantly do. It really wears me out sometimes keeping up with her and trying to find activities that will capture her attention. She loves crafts, I do not. She builds, […]

41 Foreign Language Curriculum and Resources (Some FREE)


There are many benefits to teaching your homeschoolers a foreign language (or multiple languages). My last name is Fernandez, so naturally people assume that I speak Spanish. The telemarketers know…I get calls in español as well as Hispanic junk mail all of the time. My children are mixed; my husband is Filipino, Chinese, Spanish, and Mexican. I am […]

Limited Time FREEBIE: Living in Colonial Times – A Notebooking Journey – $7.99 Value


Take your children on a notebooking adventure through the Colonial period with Living in Colonial Times – A Notebooking Journey. You will learn fun facts about what life was like and how things differed for children during this time in history. If you’d like to have Living in Colonial Times – A Notebooking Journey for your homeschool, you can currently grab it […]