How to Evaluate a Reading Program (FREEBIE)


Have you ever wondered if you are doing a good job teaching your children how to read? Or if the reading curriculum you are using is really working? Maybe you are just now considering a reading curriculum and you have no idea what you are looking for? Check out this FREE checklist: How to Evaluate a Reading […]

Break the “Word Guessing” Habit


If you have a struggling reader, you know what this means and it is obvious that they are only guessing at what the word really says. If your child guesses at words instead of trying to sound them out, then this will be a BIG help to you!There are 4 types of “word guessers.” Does […]

The Importance of a Character First Home Education


This is a guest post by by Katie Hornor from In our homeschool, we have have the belief that “who you are is more important than what you know.” While that may sound like a cop-out, an excuse for low academics or even just weird at first glance, let me explain.Dr. Maria Montessori is a […]

ABC Crafts for Uppercase Letters FREE Book


All About Learning Press has a FREE easy-to-assemble animal craft for every letter of the alphabet. Each craft also includes helpful teaching tips that are designed to support important pre-reading skills. You can get this FREE Alphabet Animal Book here. Your young learner will love these FREE printable activities! Click here to get free access now! […]

How Homeschoolers Can Secure Scholarships for College in 6 Steps


Melissa is one of our behind-the-scenes helpers over here at HSG. She has a daughter in eleventh grade and they have been wondering how they were going to afford college. We came across The Scholarship System and it looked like something that might help them overcome this hurdle, so we reached out to them and asked […]

A Look at our Graduation Supplies


This year we will be celebrating the wonderful milestone that every homeschool mom shoots for – a GRADUATE! Our oldest daughter will be graduating this year; a whole year early. When we started homeschooling her in Kindergarten I knew only one other person who was homeschooling – and she helped talk me into it. I […]

7 FREE Books for Christians


I stumbled upon Aneko Press and discovered some free treasures! Take a look at these FREE books for Christians: How to Study the Bible: Updated EditionUncommon Character: Stories of Ordinary Men and Women Who Have Done the ExtraordinaryThe Way to God – Updated EditionAbsolute Surrender – Updated Edition: The Blessedness of Forsaking All and Following […]

6 Reasons Why Your Kids Don’t Want to Write

6 Reasons WhyYour Child Doesn'tWant to Write JPEG

This is a guest post by by Cathy Canen from cathycanen.comMany kids say they don’t want to write but they can’t really tell you why. They usually just say, “I don’t like it” (or worse), and then demonstrate their feelings with a bad mood, tears, or both. That leaves us in a predicament. We can’t […]