FREE Human Body Workbook (Limited Time Offer) – $14.99 Value


Are you teaching your homeschoolers about the human body this year? Or maybe you have it in the plans for the next homeschool year? Either way, if you are like me, you are stockpiling these awesome free homeschooling resources in your homeschool digital library so they are there when you need them. HIS OFFER HAS ENDED.The […]

FREE Lesson Plans: How The Supreme Court Works


The Supreme Court is the highest court in our country, located in Washington, DC. There are 3 branches to our Government and the Supreme Court is the head of the judicial branch. Supreme Court Justices are the ones who decide whether laws violate the Constitution and they are only in session from October to June […]

FREE Curriculum Bundle of Supplemental Resources: Notebooking, Unit Studies, Copywork & More – $150+ Value


Are you looking for the FREE Human Body Workbook (Limited Time Offer) – $14.99 Value? The link in our recent email was wrong – so sorry about that! We have a FREE homeschool curriculum bundle for you full of fun resources you can use to supplement your homeschool lessons. You will find unit studies, notebooking pages, copywork, […]

Build Language Skills Using the Apples to Apples Board Game


Our family loves Apples to Apples; we have both the regular version and the Bible version. I have seen children and adults of all ages having a blast playing this game. Did you ever consider that you can use this board game as an educational tool in your homeschool to help build language skills? Yep, you […]

FREE Calendar of Writing Prompts

Free Writing Prompts for September

Both of our girls love creative writing, much more that “assigned” writing, so creative writing prompts are a big hit in our homeschool. When they draw a blank and have no idea what to write about, a creative writing prompt comes to the rescue!These FREE creative writing prompts cover the following:Opinion piecesInformative/explanatory writingFriendly letterPersonal narrativeRecalling […]

FREE Magic Treehouse Booklist by Topic & Setting


Do your kiddos love the Magic Treehouse Books? They are fun adventure stories that often have a bit of learning involved. If you want to get the most out of this series (and books that your children enjoy) you may find this free printable useful.Centered at Home has created a free booklist for you that […]