Byline High School Writing Curriculum Review


View all Language Arts Reviews We have partnered with Clear Water Press for several years now to share their high-quality products with our readers. When my daughter was in eighth grade we used Cover Story and she loved it (my daughter’s review is here), so when they released a new high school writing curriculum that […]

It Smells Like Fall: Homemade Wax Melts with 3 Ingredients


I LOVE when my home smells like Fall, Christmas, cookies, or vanilla! Unfortunately ALL synthetic fragrances give me instant migraines. So, that means, no store bought scented candles or wax melts for me. Forget plugins – if you have them in your home I cannot even enter. Today we had to miss church due to some […]

REVIEW: Legends & Leagues Geography Curriculum Series from Veritas Press


All Geography Reviews We have been slowly ditching regular textbooks in favor of a more “living books as a spine” type of approach. Our 8 year old picked up reading in Kindergarten and has already consumed many classics. This year we are using Sassafrass Science, which is a living book science curriculum and I was researching […]

I Grew up with an Addict


So, here is a little-known fact about me. Are you ready – it’s pretty colorful. My mom has been a prescription drug addict my entire life. There, I said it. Whew, that was a little difficult to admit.Watching my mom struggle with her addiction to this day has really been very difficult. She will never […]

FREE Character-Building Family Resources Bundle – Over $130 Value


I think it is safe to say we could all use an attitude adjustment every now and then…or every day for some of us! I know I struggle with yelling and anger. I get frustrated and stressed too. Not good. We have teamed up with some popular homeschool companies/bloggers to bring you 9 FREE character-building resources. Everything you see below is […]