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Our FAVORITE Advent books (you will LOVE them!)


I know it’s already December, but it’s not too late to get started on one of these books! My daughter and I absolutely LOVE these books! I wish the author would come out with more stories (Advent or not) because his writing style is very engaging.  Jotham’s Journey: A Storybook for AdventTabitha’s Travels: A Family […]

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Discount at Landmass Goods + Winners posted


Are you a road-schooler? That’s quite a fun term that homeschoolers throw around who do a lot of traveling and homeschooling on the road. We are pretty much home-bodies, but I imagine that families who take their classrooms on the road have the most wonderful educational adventures. So many field trip opportunities!We were contacted by Landmass […]

Map Books for Your Homeschool


When I was a child, I couldn’t have cared less about maps or geography in general. My kids, on the other hand, LOVE geography! As homeschoolers we incorporate maps into nearly EVERYTHING! When we are reading a fiction book, we look up where it takes place. When studying zoology in science, we grab the globe […]

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I know we just finished up a free curriculum bundle, but I wanted to make sure you saw this one too. It ends Monday, 12-4-17 – so you need to act fast, or miss out. 65 of our homeschool blogging buddies pulled together to offer this free homeschool resource library. You can click here to access […]

FREE Full Year Wardrobe Plan

cropped Full Year Wardrobe Plan Free Download, Printable Plan Checklist and Outfit Ideas (3)

Okay homeschool mom…I know many of us stick to our dress code  sweatpants because it is easy and comfortable. Guilty as charged! I often ditch my “real” clothing as soon as I make it through the door in favor of my favorite sweats that match nothing. To make matters worse, my husband is home with us […]

Wise Men Toilet Paper Roll Figurines


Boy do we go through toilet paper in my house. We have so many rolls and my daughter is always wanting to make fun crafts with them. She gets pretty creative. When I saw this Wise Men Toilet Paper Roll Craft, I knew she would love it!Find details and instructions here, as well as ideas for […]