Subscriber Only Freebies

Are you looking for an affordable way to gain newsletter subscribers and drive traffic to your website? At Homeschool Giveaways, we can assist you with that very thing!

If you have digital goods, then you can benefit tremendously from participating in a subscriber only freebie!

Participating in a subscriber only freebie at Homeschool Giveaways is a great way to affordably market your products to our homeschooling subscribers. We have over 100,000 newsletter subscribers and 120,000+ Social Media followers. When we promote your subscriber freebie, your products and/or services are being seen by thousands of homeschoolers.

“Carrie Fernandez combines incredible talent, experience, and expertise with her love for people in general, homeschoolers in particular, and Jesus above all. Thanks to Carrie, Home School Adventure Co.’s email list more than doubled and website traffic skyrocketed. However, the lasting impact of working with Carrie is truly immeasurable. If you need a creative and brilliant marketing partner, Carrie is the best.” Stacy Farrell, CEO, Home School Adventure Co.

“We love working with Carrie Fernandez and Homeschool Giveaways because she delivers what she promises. We get excellent exposure to a very engaged audience and a large number of new contacts. Carrie also provides top-notch service and encouragement. It’s been a great return on investment for us to work with Homeschool Giveaways.” Ed Miller – National Center for Biblical Parenting

How it Works

  • You provide a FREE product exclusively to our subscribers good from a Monday-Friday. Minimum value is $14.99, but the higher the value, the better the results and more emails you will get!
  • Your free offer must be a complete, usable product. It can be included in a bundle set, but must be a complete item on its own as well. Memberships must be complete for a duration of at least six months and not a trial membership. 
  • No payment information/credit card information may be collected.
  • We launch the freebie to our Facebook followers Sunday night, which allows us to make sure everything is running smoothly. The eblast to our subscribers goes out on Monday & Wednesday at approx. 8PM EST. 
  • Our readers opt-in to receive an exclusive coupon code that is redeemed on your website for the free product (thus sending you a lot of traffic!) This was modified so that we remain GDPR compliant. 
  • We share information about the other products/services that you offer with links to your site

“I was BLOWN AWAY with the response to my offer on In less than a week I got 800+ new subscribers to my email list and was able to provide a high quality sample of my work to each one of them. Many will become paying customers in the future. This promo was well worth the cost!” – Jim Hodges – 

“I have been a longtime subscriber to Homeschool Giveaways so I decided to try doing a giveaway offer of my own. Wow! I did not expect 2300 downloads and over 3000 email addresses in three days! This included just a little bit of work on my part to get a downloadable product ready and Carrie Fernandez did all the work! She made it so easy. I definitely plan to use this service in the future as well as enjoy the giveaways I receive as part of her email group!” ~ Felice Gerwitz – Author/Publisher/Speaker/ Radio Show Host | Media Angels, Inc. | Founder: Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network

Benefits of Participating in a Subscriber Freebie at Homeschool Giveaways

  • Exposure to our entire list of homeschooling subscribers (currently around 100,000) through an email announcing the Subscriber Only Freebie
  • Promotion of the Subscriber Only Freebie through Social Media and the sharing of several bloggers
  • Increased traffic and exposure to your brand/products
  • Showcase some of your awesome products and get them to come back for more
  • *Increase your newsletter subscribers in a short 5 day span (We have have over 23,000 people claim a freebie in 2 days before!!)

In the fall of 2013, I learned about Homeschool Giveaways and Freebies. And when the opportunity to partner with Homeschool Giveaways and Freebies presented itself, I jumped at the chance. It has been the wisest decision I could have made for my newly established company… Read More!

I recently worked with Homeschool Giveaways and Freebies to offer some of my ebooks for free through their website promotion. I could not be more pleased with the response I got. My newsletter list doubled as a result, and it brought in a lot of sales for an ebook that I threw on sale during the promotion. I was shocked! Thank you Carrie for organizing these giveaways. They are truly a blessing!
~ Sheri Graham

Costs Involved

We charge a flat fee of $300 to participate in a subscriber only freebie with us. Your featured offer is sent to our entire list of subscribers. We work hard to promote your brand and products and put a lot of time and effort into your event! You get A LOT of marketing for a GREAT price!

Participating in a subscriber freebie was one of the best business decisions I made. Not only did views, downloads, and sales, rise during the promo but I continue to feel the benefits over months to come. Carrie is very easy to work with and truly wants to promote you and your product. She is selective on what she chooses so you are secure in knowing her readers expect the best and will respond. I can’t wait to participate again! ~ Richele McFarlin, author Princess Training: For the King’s Glory

Get Optimum Results ~Tips for a Successful Offer!

The most successful subscriber only freebies that have resulted in high sales for the participant have been products that can be used as stand-alone products, but are a part of a complete set. For example, one participant offered 2 of 3 components of a popular bundle set. The third component was not a download, but a hardcopy book. Since my goal is to promote YOU, I encouraged my subscribers to complete the set and buy the book to go with the two free components. This resulted in several hundreds of dollars in sales for my sponsor.

Be generous with your free offer. Since it is digital it is not costing you anything to give the product away. You will acquire more emails and new customers by providing something that they just have to have! The MOST SUCCESSFUL freebie we have ever offered was a full geography curriculum valued at $30 that over 23,000 people claimed!

Participation Requirements
We are not a good fit for everyone. If we do not feel that you will benefit from offering a subscriber only freebie on our site, we will let you know up front & refund your participation fee. The product(s) that you offer must be a minimum value of $14.99 and be something that will be attractive to homeschoolers (curriculum, educational materials, homemaking products, etc.) We reserve the right to refuse any participant request to offer a subscriber only freebie on our site.

“The traffic my website got during the giveaway with Homeschool Giveaways and Freebies was amazing! I saw a jump in my Enewsletter subscribers too.” ~ Amy Puetz – Golden Prairie Press –

“I participated in a subscriber freebie and experienced amazing results. The participation in this event is bound to result in many sales, especially as we enter the homeschool buying season. This has been an excellent way for me to get the word out about our award-winning Math Essentials products.”Rick Fisher | &


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