Monthly Subscriber Freebie

Does your email newsletter service provider have strict importing guidelines? Then look no further – we can avoid problems with importing!

The big difference between the regular 3.5 day subscriber freebie and the monthly subscriber freebie is that you capture emails directly using your own email subscription form code. Regular subscriber freebies require you to import the list. Our system is compatible with most email service providers.

We are always looking for ways to be creative when offering marketing opportunities to our sponsors. We believe we have just discovered the best way to increase your newsletter list size, while introducing your product line to our readers and their friends!

Monthly Subscriber Freebie Event – How it Works:

  • You offer a free digital product for one entire month to our subscribers – minimum value $14.95.

  • We promote it to our list of over 130,000 subscribers and they share the event with their friends.

  • They claim the freebie on our site and get AUTOMATICALLY added to your newsletter list through your form code.

  • They share their referral url with a pre-determined amount of friends to access another offer (coupon code or a second free product.) Our system recognizes how many people sign up through their link.

    • The better the second coupon or freebie, the harder they will work to receive it. This increases your newsletter list size EVEN MORE!

  • You get promoted in several eblasts, through a pop-up image on our site, and a banner displayed on our main page.

Why would I give away something for FREE for an entire month?

The product is digital, thus not costing you anything, other than the fee to participate. Email addresses are like gold nowadays! You can increase your list significantly, which will allow you to market your products to a larger group of people. As your list grows, you can also charge sponsors to advertise in your newsletters or through dedicated eblasts. Yes, you can make a lot of money off of your email list!

How many emails can I expect?

While we cannot guarantee you a specific number, our average response is around 7,500 and we have had up to 23,000 claim our freebies. The better the offer, the bigger the response! 

Requirements of Participation

  • Product must be approved for participation with a minimum value of $14.95. Curriculum products have the best results.

  • A second offer must be provided. Options include:

    • A coupon code with a minimum offer of 20% off 

    • A second freebie with a minimum value of $10.00

  • Free offer will be good for one full month

  • You must have a privacy policy on your website regarding your email practices

    • You agree not to resell or rent the email addresses of your subscribers

    • They can easily unsubscribe at anytime

  • Full payment is required to book the next available date

  • Fee to participate is $500