About our Family

We are a family of four living life together 24/7 in a small, humble home that we have lived in for over 17 years. My husband and I have two lovely girls that are 8 years apart in age – no, we didn't plan it this way, it is simply how the Lord grew our family!

My husband Dave and I started out this journey as web developers working from home, which allowed me to break into the homeschooling market with my own sites. I am also blessed to be a webmaster for some big homeschooling curriculum publishers.

Working from home beside my hubby is challenging and our lives of homeschooling and work intermingle and are chaotic at times, but I wouldn't change it for the world. The Lord continues to show me His love and grace daily and I strive to extend the same to others when given the opportunity.

Our Homeschool

Since this is such a common question, I will just give you a brief glimpse into our homeschool. We are eclectively Charlotte Mason-y, minus the nature study aspect (we live in Florida and it is hot & humid most of the year with BUGS!) My oldest daughter is my joy and I delight in her very much, but she drives me nuts with school and cannot keep her head out of the clouds. My preschooler constantly wants to do crafts and coloring on construction paper does not qualify in her book, much to my dismay.

We are not perfect, my kitchen table is never clear, we don't have a school room, and contrary to the popular belief, just because I was a curriculum retailer doesn't mean I know everything about all the options available. I am a curriculum junkie. I love it, I hoard it, but I also love to bless people with it. I cannot remember how to subtract negative numbers, so I have decided to learn Pre-Algebra right along with my daughter. I often feel like I am failing my kids and making them stupid. Then I remember they know the Lord and love HIM and I am full. Grace. Thank you Jesus.