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FREE Printable LEGO Duplo Puzzles for Math


These free printable LEGO Duplo Math Puzzles provide a balance between hands-on math problems and math fact practice. Both hands-on activities and fact practice are beneficial and crucial for learning math. However, some families feel lean towards one or the other. We can help teach math in a way that is hands-on and conceptual in […]

How to Teach Multiplication and Division with LEGO Bricks


Check out this fun and hands on way to teach multiplication and division with LEGO bricks. These ideas are super easy for your kids to stay interested and actually succeed. Making the transition from counting to then adding to then multiplying takes a lot of time, patience and practice. For a homeschool parent, if teaching […]

FREE Printable LEGO Challenge Game


Encourage creative building with this free printable LEGO challenge game with LEGO spinner instructions. This free printable LEGO Challenge Game is a new way to allow for open-ended creative play. Just spin the wheel and follow the prompt for inspiration. Whatever your child can imagine, they can build, rebuild and play with all day. These give […]

Awesome LEGO Science Projects


Try these awesome LEGO® science projects that get kids learning while having a ton of fun. These projects range from a flashlight, to a zipline, to a neat magnet maze. Learning science with LEGOs® is just a great combo. My son loves LEGOs® and I am so excited to try some of these projects with him and […]

12 Genius Homemade LEGO Table Hacks


If your family loves LEGOs, check out this list of homemade LEGO table hacks to make the most of your LEGO playing area. LEGOs are a permanent fixture in my living room. My son can not get enough of them. He keeps certain LEGOs in a Ziploc bag, but the others are just kept in […]

Lego Creative Writing Contest – Ends 2/20


Writer’s Brick is a new monthly writing contest for children grades K-8th grade. Participants are entered into a random drawing for prizes. At least one winner will be selected on merit and their story will be animated Each month’s contest encourages kids to write a short story based on a provided writing prompt. This month’s […]