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We love Easy Grammar in our homeschool – hands-down the BEST grammar curriculum we have ever used. I started using it when my oldest was in 5th grade and continued each year until she graduated. We are now using it with our 4th grader. 

What I like about Easy Grammar is that it is EASY to use, EASY to teach and children excel like crazy in grammar skills using it (at least mine do!). After 4th grade, during our end of the year evaluation, we discovered our oldest was struggling with a lot of grammar concepts. We switched to Easy Grammar in the Fall and the same teacher did her evaluations at the end of the year. She was AMAZED by the fact my daughter had jumped ahead in 2 grade levels for grammar concepts. I was sold; does a homeschool mom need to hear more than that? To top it off, my daughter didn’t hate it (she actually liked it).


Easy Grammar uses prepositions and prepositional phrases as a foundation for their entire curriculum that is available for grades 2-12. Students memorize and learn prepositions first. Students learn to identify prepositional phrases and “delete” them from a sentence and the subject and verbs will magically appear to them, since the subject and verb will not be in a prepositional phrase. For example, take a look at this sentence:

Sentence diagramming made me cry when I was a kid in public school. One of the things I love about Easy Grammar is there is NO SENTENCE DIAGRAMMING. Don’t let that worry you though, my daughter can dissect a sentence like it’s nobody’s business! The way Easy Grammar is taught makes the various parts of speech so easy to find and “label.”

If you feel like you need to teach your child how to diagram a sentence, after they master the Easy Grammar way it will be a piece of cake! You could use a supplement like Digging into Diagramming by JacKris Publishing (we are using their writing curriculum this year). 

You can read our Easy Grammar review here. You can also use Daily Grams as an additional supplement for daily practice. In addition to Easy Grammar we are using Winning With WritingDaily Skill Building: Vocabulary, and Phonetic Zoo for language arts. 

I created this prepositions grammar pack to use in our homeschool and would love to share it with you. It is using the most common prepositions found in Easy Grammar Grade 4. 


You can find some FREE resources below to use when your children are learning about prepositional phrases in language arts:

FREE: Prepositions Easy Reader Book

FREE Robot Preposition Posters

FREE Preposition BINGO 

Prepositional Phrases with figurative language 

Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases: Active Learning Approach

Understanding Prepositional Phrases

Prepositions of place – words DICE

My daughter learns to music extremely well and we found these videos to be helpful. Warning – they STICK in your head!

Prepositions Song #1 from Scratch Garden:

Prepositions Song #2 from Scratch Garden:

Prepositions Song #3 from Scratch Garden:

More Resources for Learning Prepositions

Prepositions Flash Cards: 40 Positional Language Photo CardsPrepositions Flash Cards: 40 Positional Language Photo CardsUnder, Over, by the Clover: What Is a Preposition? (Words Are Categorical)Under, Over, by the Clover: What Is a Preposition? (Words Are Categorical)If You Were a Preposition (Word Fun)If You Were a Preposition (Word Fun)Primary Concepts In/On/Under, & More Learning KitPrimary Concepts In/On/Under, & More Learning KitTrend T58104 Trend Positions Match Me Game, Ages 3-6Trend T58104 Trend Positions Match Me Game, Ages 3-6Prepositions: ColorcardsPrepositions: Colorcards


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Carrie is the owner & operator of Homeschool Giveaways. She has been homeschooling for over a decade and has successfully graduated her first homeschooler. She has two girls and works side by side at home with her awesome husband. She has been saved by grace, fails daily, but continues to strive toward the prize of the high calling of being a daughter of the Most High God.

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