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Take your children on a notebooking adventure through the Colonial period with Living in Colonial Times – A Notebooking Journey. You will learn fun facts about what life was like and how things differed for children during this time in history.

If you’d like to have Living in Colonial Times – A Notebooking Journey for your homeschool, you can currently grab it for FREE! This brand new release is the first volume in the series and will be priced at $7.99, but for a limited time you can get it for FREE! Scroll to the bottom of this post for instant access. 


Your children will have a blast learning about:

  • The 13 original colonies by labeling a map
  • The first American Flag
  • What people looked like and how they dressed
  • What types of food colonial people ate
  • What school was like for Colonial children
  • Colonial manners and rules specific to school and children
  • What happened when people got sick
  • Silly laws and rules during the Colonial period
  • What church was like and how it differs from church today
  • Laws during Colonial times and specific Sunday laws
  • What family life was like
  • What houses were like and where children slept
  • Children’s chores and jobs for townfolk
  • Games & activites and specified “fun times”
  • How Colonial people traveled
  • News headlines and mailing letters
  • and more!

Living in Colonial Times – A Notebooking Journey is not just a bunch of blank pages with decorations; it is a fun notebooking journal that includes coloring sheets, spaces to draw illustrations, questions for research (all answers are found in “…If You Lived in Colonial Times“), comparison charts, and more.

If you use the book ...If You Lived in Colonial Times along with Living in Colonial Times – A Notebooking Journey, your children will be able to read through the book and journal right along with it. To make is easier, all answers to the questions can be found in …If You Lived in Colonial Times in the same order as presented in the book (the questions will differ than the ones found in the book for copyright purposes, but follow along easily). Even if you do not have the book, you can use this along with your favorite American history curriculum or by researching your answers on the Internet.

...If You Lived in Colonial Times is normally under $7.00 and can also be found in your local library most of the time. It is available via Amazon Prime as well. If you use the book along with the notebooking journal, this would be a fantastic way to immerse your children into life during the Colonial times with a thorough unit study.

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We used Time Travelers: Colonial Life with my oldest when she was in fourth grade. We absolutely love the Time Traveler’s series. When you are a non-crafty mama like me, using a resource like this to create such high quality activities is so helpful. We spread it out over a full school year and created the most amazing projects, lapbook, and activities. 

We’d love to give you Living in Colonial Times – A Notebooking Journey for your homeschool for FREE! This brand new release is the first volume in the series and will be priced at $7.99, but for a limited time you can get it for FREE!

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Written by Carrie


Carrie is the owner & operator of Homeschool Giveaways. She has been homeschooling for over a decade and has successfully graduated her first homeschooler. She has two girls and works side by side at home with her awesome husband. She has been saved by grace, fails daily, but continues to strive toward the prize of the high calling of being a daughter of the Most High God.

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