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Math…it’s just one of those subjects that many homeschool moms dread. Thankfully we have it much better than homeschoolers did when homeschooling first started to become a thing because we have so many options. There are so many different types of math curriculum for homeschoolers: online math, DVD/CD-Rom math, math workbooks, hands-on math with manipulatives, living math (Charlotte Mason inspired), and more. You can even find consumer math, financial literacy math, Biblical stewardship math, and websites that have free math worksheets and games. 

We have tried many math programs and ultimately have settled on Teaching Textbooks. You can read about how we left TT and then came back here

We rounded up tons of different homeschool math curriculum options for you below. We added the resources to each applicable category/grade level, so you may see it more than once. 


Early Learning Homeschool Math Curriculum (Preschool & Kindergarten)

A Beka Math (PreK-Grade 12)
Aleks Math (K-12) 
Alpha Omega Horizons (K- Grade 12) 
Alpha Omega Lifepac (K- Grade 12) 
BJU Press Math (K- Grade 6)
Christ Centered Math (PreK-Grade 1) 
CTC Math (Grades K-12) *Large Family Friendly

Hearts and Hands (Kindergarten) 
Kendall Hunt Math Curriculum (K – Grade 12)
Kinder-Math (PreK-Kindergarten) 
Liberty Mathematics (Kindergarten – Grade 2) 

Life of Fred Math Series (K-12, Charlotte Mason Themed)
Math Lessons for a Living Education (K – Elementary, Charlotte Mason Themed)
Making Math Meaningful (K-Grade 7)
Math In Focus (K-Grade 8)
Math on the Level (K-Pre Algebra)
Mathematical Reasoning (Preschool – Grade 9)
MCP Mathematics (K-6) 
McRuffy Math (PreK-Grade 5)
Moving with Math (PreK-High School) 
Professor B Math (PreK-Elementary & Supplements for Higher Grades)
Right Start Math (K-Grade 8)

Saxon Math (K-Grade 8)
ShillerMath (PreK-Grade 8)
Singapore Math (PreK-Grade 8) 

Elementary Math Homeschool Curriuclum

A Beka Math (PreK-Grade 12)
ACE Math (Grades 1-12)
Aleks Math
Alpha Omega Horizons (K- Grade 12) 
Alpha Omega Lifepac
Christian Light Sunrise Math
 (Grades 1-12) 
Chalk Dust Math Video (Grades 3-12)
Charlotte Mason’s Living Math: A Guided Journey (Grades 1-4)
CTC Math (Grades K-12) *Large Family Friendly
DIVE into Math (Saxon Teaching DVDs Grades 4-High School)

Learn Math Fast (Grades 1-12)
Life of Fred Math Series (K-12, Charlotte Mason Themed)
Math Mammoth (Grades 1-7)
Math Lessons for a Living Education (K – Elementary, Charlotte Mason Themed)
Math-U-See (Grades 1-12) 
Mastering Math (Grades 1-6)
Miquon Math (Grades 1-3) 
Monarch Homeschool (Grades 3-12) **Click here to find a 30-day free trial on the AOP site. Be sure to use code MON30HGF for access. 
Moving with Math (PreK-High School) 
Ray’s Arithmetic (Grades 1-9) 
Rod and Staff Math (Grades 1-9)  
Saxon Math (K- Grade 12)
ShillerMath (PreK-Grade 8)
Simply Charlotte Mason Math Curriculum (Elementary)
Singapore Math (PreK-Grade 8) 
Switched on Schoolhouse (Grades 3-12)
Systematic Mathematics (Grades 3-12) 
Time4Learning  (K- Grade 8)
Teaching Textbooks (Grades 3-12)  

Upper Grade Homeschool Math Curriculum

A Beka Math (PreK-Grade 12)
A Fresh Approach High School Math Series
Aleks Math (K-12) 
Alpha Omega Horizons (K- Grade 12) 
Alpha Omega Lifepac(K- Grade 12) 
Chalk Dust Math Video (Grades 3-12)
Christian Light Sunrise Math (Grades 1-12) 
CTC Math (Grades K-12) *Large Family Friendly 
Discovering Algebra
Discovering Geometry
DIVE into Math (Saxon Teaching DVDs Grades 4-High School) 
Financial Literacy from a Christian Perspective 
Foundations in Personal Finance (Dave Ramsey for High School)
Jacobs’ Math
 (High School) 
Key to Algebra (Grades 6-8)
Learn Math Fast (Grades 1-12) 
Life of Fred Math Series (K-12, Charlotte Mason Themed)

Math Relief (High School) 
Monarch Homeschool (Grades 3-12) **Click here to find a 30-day free trial on the AOP site. Be sure to use code MON30HGF for access. 
Moving with Math (PreK-High School) 

Pearson Mathematics (Upper Grades)
Principles of Mathematics
 (Junior High)
Saxon Math (K- Grade 12)
Switched on Schoolhouse (Grades 3-12)
Systematic Mathematics (Grades 3-12)
Stewardship (Grades 8-12)

TabletClass Math (grades 7-12) 
Teaching Textbooks (Grades 3-12) 
Thinkwell (Grade 6-College Level) 
UnlockMath (Pre-Algebra)
Videotext Interactive (High School)

Homeschool Math Supplements

CalcuLadder Math Drills
Key to Fractions
Khan Academy
Math Blaster 
Math Essentials Workbooks 

Math Facts NOW! 
Progress in Mathematics (Grades K-9)
The Math Worksheet Site

Times Tables the Fun Way
Times Tales
WatchKnowLearn Videos for Math

Written by Carrie


Carrie is the owner & operator of Homeschool Giveaways. She has been homeschooling for over a decade and has successfully graduated her first homeschooler. She has two girls and works side by side at home with her awesome husband. She has been saved by grace, fails daily, but continues to strive toward the prize of the high calling of being a daughter of the Most High God.

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