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We are super excited to launch our first freebie bundle in 2018. This one contains 16 products and you can get instant access – no purchase required!

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We have lots of goodies for you this week – but hurry, because this free offer that contains 16 homeschooling unit studies, lapbooks, notebooking units, and more will end on 2/9/18. 

Incredible Insects Download N Go™ Unit Study
– $10.95 

From rhinoceros beetles to luna moths, edible insects to insect-eating plants, this one covers the globe. Did you know that the largest beetle in the world, the rhinoceros beetle, can lift up to 850 times its own weight?!

With Incredible Insects, your student will explore:

  • Insects and art, music, and food?
  • Insects – the weird and extreme
  • Major characteristics of five main insect orders
  • Insects and science: where the two meet
  • Geography of insects – where they live, from desert to shore!

From a look at the smallest and longest insects, to exploring habitat extremes, like the coldest and the hottest, this study is fun, fascinating, and unforgettable.

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Colonial America Lapbook with Study Guides 
– $8.00  

During the 17th century, large numbers of people began to cross the Atlantic Ocean. They wanted a new home. Some were looking for the opportunity to make a better life. Some were fleeing from religious persecution. All arrived with big dreams and great hopes. This is their story.

This lapbook is a very light study of American colonization up to the Revolutionary War. Suitable for lower elementary. Requires 2 file folders.

**As most lapbooks, this lapbook does require some writing. If your younger student is not ready to write in some of the smaller booklets, we suggest having your child dictate to you and you write it in. Lapbooks are a very hands-on way to learn and are meant to be fun, not stressful.

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Wonders of Old – A Timeline Book of World History – $19.95  

Wonders of Old spans from 5000BC – the Present and beyond. History comes alive when your student records significant historical events in his own hand. He will make connections between historical events by recording entries across academic subjects…

  • kingdoms
  • empires
  • rulers
  • scientists
  • literature
  • great writers
  • musicians
  • and so much more!

It is a proven fact that completing timelines help cement historical facts for students and adults alike. A timeline can become the compilation of a student’s learning. Seeing the progression of time in the form of a timeline will allow your student to gain a better understanding of the flow of history.

ADDITIONAL DISCOUNT OFFER: $10 off digital Time Trek collection here – using coupon code: trek2018 – expires 2/15.


Interactive Science: Botany
(Bundled with Learning About Bones and Our Skeletal System)  

Designed for multi-age / multi-grade and allows students to create a beautiful, lasting project by the end of their study.

Topics/Areas covered in the unit:

  • What is Botany? What is a Botanist?
  • Parts of a plant (and their functions)
  • Anatomy of a flower (and functions of each part)
  • Flower to Seed reproduction
  • Parts of a seed
  • Types of seeds
  • Photosynthesis
  • Parts of a plant cell (and functions)
  • How plants are classified
  • Classification of leaves
  • Non-flowering plants
  • Poisonous plants
  • Carnivorous plants
  • Multiple pages of templates with instructions on how to complete each part of the project!

Interactive Science: Learning About Bones and Our Skeletal System (Bundled with Botany)  

Students will enjoy learning about bones and their bodies with this interactive unit on the human skeletal system. With this unit, students can elected (or teacher can assign) for students to create a lapbook or notebook project all about bones. Students may also use this unit within the context of a Science journal project.


  • What is the Skeletal System?
  • How does the Skeletal System help us?
  • Who has more bones – Baby or Adult?
  • Are bones alive?
  • What are bones made of?
  • How do bones break and heal?
  • Keeping bones healthy
  • Names of bones
  • Functions of certain bones as well as the spine
  • …and more


Solar System Online Unit Study – $35.00  

Learn about the Solar System with an interactive, internet-based unit study. This is an ONLINE study and you will download account set-up instructions to get FREE access. 

Solar System Online Unit Study Contents:

  • Solar System Overview
  • The Sun
  • Planetary Orbits
  • Gravity
  • Planets
  • The Rocky Planets
  • The Gas Planets
  • Comets, Asteroids and Meteors
  • Project: Solar System Model

Along with hands-on projects, students will learn to use Google sheets to record and evaluate scientific data.

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Creation Anatomy: A Study Guide to the Miracles of the Body – $18.95  

The body is the most incredible of God’s creations! The complexity of even a single cell is amazing and points to an awesome Intelligent Designer, and His name is God!

Come study the wonderful systems within the body and learn that we are incredibly made. Learn how to refute the errors of evolutionary thinking. The complex body system defies Neo-Darwinian evolution. More and more scientists now realize that evolution just does not have all the answers. Shouldn’t your children understand why?

This study includes easy to follow lesson plans, a teaching outline for K-12, over 300 activities and experiments (including Francesco Redi’s experiment that proves life only comes from life!), the body systems, original research, human history, language information, vocabulary list, recommended reading (not necessary to complete this study), math activities, book reviews, reproducible sheets and much more!


20 Ancient Civilization History Coloring Pages – $3.50 

Are you learning about Ancient History in your homeschool? These coloring pages are very detailed and can be used for all ages – especially for middle and high school. 

Topics covered:

  • Ancient Egypt Court
  • Ancient Egypt Spinning
  • Ancient Egypt Life of the Royals
  • Ancient Egypt Battles
  • Ancient Egypt The Nile
  • Life Along the River – The Nile
  • Metal Workers & Crafts of Ancient Egypt
  • Egyptian Hieroglyphics
  • Egyptian Queen Cleopatra
  • Aztecs Floating Gardens
  • Aztecs
  • Aztec Life
  • Mayans
  • Ancient Greece Wedding
  • Ancient Greek Galley
  • Ancient Greece Crafts
  • Ancient Greece Bank
  • Athens
  • Spartan Warrior and
  • The Vikings

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10 Westward Expansion History Fun Coloring Pages $1.50 

Are you learning about the Westward Expansion in your homeschool? These coloring pages are very detailed and can be used for all ages – especially for middle and high school. 

Topics covered:

  • Native American on horseback
  • Lewis and Clark Trek
  • Lewis and Clark and The Piegan
  • Lewis and Clark Exploring Rivers
  • The Plains Indians
  • Pioneer Life
  • Moving West
  • Westward Ho
  • Settlers
  • Fur Trappers and Mountainmen

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Ultimate Unit Study Planner – $4.99  

Who says unit studies are harder to track subjects complete? Choose which pages to print for your children’s ages and coil bind. The unit study planning pages include 4 pages for planning each unit and there are planning pages for 14 units. Now you can track your unit studies by subject.

Even more unique is the two page spread that makes planning a unit study easy because you still use a week by week style that you are use to. Editable subjects to fill in and one with subjects filled in. Click here to preview the layout and grab additional freebies to use with it. 

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Armor of God – $4.99 

Children will love learning about the Armor of God with this interactive mini unit study that includes copywork, scripture study, vocabulary, and activities.

Walking with the Waodani: Shell Mera (Then) – $9.99  

Shell Mera (Then) is the first lesson in Walking with the Waodaniyou’ll hear the story of the five martyred missionaries of Operation Auca.

Learn how Jesus transformed a savage killer into a humble evangelist — and fostered a deep and abiding love between a young man and the warrior who murdered his father.

You’ll also…

  • discover the amazing process used to create the poison darts used in blow guns
  • review an exotic recipe for giant grubs.
  • study the stealthy techniques employed by vampire bats, anaconda snakes, and black panthers

Walking with the Waodani is a unit study that will introduce your family to some of the most amazing people and places, meals and markets, animals and agriculture, and worlds and worldviews of the country of Ecuador.

ADDITIONAL DISCOUNT OFFER: Save 30% on the full Walking with the Waodani Unit Study (digital only) with code Waodani30 or use code Waodani20 to save 20% on the printed edition – expires 2/15/18 


30 Days of History: American Revolution – $3.49  

30 Days of History is designed to give your students 4-6 weeks of daily work focused on a specific topic or time period. Each looks at significant terms and events and asks 7 questions on each that will draw your students into researching and learning more.

30 Days of History: American Revolution looks at 12 key terms and 18 important battles. This can be used as a supplement to your history class, a tool to help develop research skills, or fun work to fill in as needed. However you use it, you’re sure to learn more about the American Revolution and discover history along the way.

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History of Inventions Notebooking $3.49  

This unit includes 68 inventions, each with 8 questions for students to answer as they do independent research on everything from the distaff to the space shuttle. Six bonus research prompts are included that are suitable for research papers. These prompts challenge your students to dig deeper and learn how various inventions have changed and even shaped our modern lives. Blank notebooking pages are also included. 

ADDITIONAL DISCOUNT OFFER: Save 40% on Independent Learning with Mini Quiz Packs! Explore all the titles and use coupon code FEBQUIZ – expires 2/12/18.

Explorers A-Z Notebooking – $2.99  

You’ve learned about Columbus and da Gama, but what about Alaminos, Bellingshausen, and Fawcett?

Explorers A-Z Notebooking takes you on a journey through lesser-known expeditions, led by men whose names you may not have heard but whose discoveries were important to all those who came after them. A short history of each explorer is provided along with notebooking pages to record information and research or essay questions to complete.

This unit looks at the following explorers and expeditions: Antonio Alaminos, Fabian von Bellingshausen, Pedro da Covilha, Semyon Dezhnev, Edward John Eyre, Percy Harrison Fawcett, Marie Joseph Garnier, Sven Hedin, John and Sebastian Cabot, Giovanni da Verrazano, Alejandro Malaspina, Matthew C. Perry, Kublai Khan, Jakob Le Maire, Robert John McClure, Gustav Nachtigal, Francisco de Orellana, Vincente Pinzon, Pedrode Quiros, Jacob Roggeveen, Georg August Schweinfurth, Abel Janszoon Tasman, Francisco de Ulloa, George Vancouver, Samuel Wallis, Francisco Xeres, Yermak Timofeyevich, and Dr. Livingstone’s exploration of the Zambezi River. 

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Peaceful Home Family Unit Study – $4.99  

Because Biblical character is at the center of every peaceful home, we pray that this guide will be a blessing to you and your children as you work through it together. 

Parenthood is one continuous sequence of sanctification. God is teaching us as parents to trust and obey Him, as we the parents teach our children to trust and obey us. All the while, lovingly and continuously saturating both them and ourselves in the Gospel message.

How do we respond when our children don’t obey us? Whether your child is 3 or 13, this is an important question. The solution always begins with the heart, the heart of the child and the heart of the parent. 

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Written by Carrie


Carrie is the owner & operator of Homeschool Giveaways. She has been homeschooling for over a decade and has successfully graduated her first homeschooler. She has two girls and works side by side at home with her awesome husband. She has been saved by grace, fails daily, but continues to strive toward the prize of the high calling of being a daughter of the Most High God.

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