Predatory Birds Unit Studies and FREE Printables

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Predatory Birds are fascinating and beautiful creatures to learn about!

Predatory Birds Unit Studies and FREE Printables
Predatory Birds often times called “Birds of Prey”, are used to describe two types of birds: Raptors and Owls. Raptors are classified as Diurnal birds of prey, which are birds that are active during the day. These birds are eagles, vultures, ospreys and hawks. Owls are nocturnal birds and can be found hunting at night.

Predatory Birds have sharp talons, beaks, and large eyes. They are very powerful creatures with excellent eyesight. Humans do not need to fear these birds, but small creatures do! Predatory Birds help keep down the rodent and snake population, and do a great job of keeping areas clear of nuisance animals!

If your children enjoy learning about birds and nature, they will love learning about these mighty creature with these unit studies and free printables:

Birds of Prey in general:
Birds of Prey Facts from Easy Science for Kids
Birds of Prey Worksheet from Easy Science for Kids
Birds of Prey Online Lesson Plans for Middle School from Science Net Links
Free Birds of Prey Lapbook from Homeschool Share

Birds of Prey Matching Game from Mountain of Grace Homeschooling


Golden Eagle: Birds of Prey Printables
from Teach 123 School
Bald Eagle Printable Worksheet from
Bald Eagle Unit Study Lessons and Resources for Middle School from The Science Spot
Bald Eagle Body Diagram from Enchanted Learning
Bald Eagle Study and Lapbook from Homeschool Share

Golden Eagle Printable Craft from Learn Create Love

Red Tailed Hawk Facts from
Harris Hawk Facts from
Free Printable Hawk Identification from Hawk Migration Association of North America
Red Tailed Hawk Body Diagram from Enchanted Learning
Red Tailed Hawk Identification from All About Birds
Red Shouldered Hawk Identification from All About Birds
Coopers Hawk Identification from All About Birds

How to Identify Hawks in Flight from Hawk Mountain

Predatory Birds Unit Studies and FREE Printables FB

Peregrine Falcon Fact Worksheet from
Peregrine Falcon Body Diagram from Enchanted Learning
Printable Falcon Craft from Learn Create Love
Peregrine Falcons Unit Study and Lapbook from Tinas Dynamic Homeschool Plus

Turkey Vulture Body Diagram from Enchanted Learning
Turkey Vulture Facts from All About Birds
Vulture Activity Sheet from Easy Science for Kids
Free Facts About Vultures from Teachers Pay Teachers

Great Horned Owl Body Diagram from Enchanted Learning
Owl Quiz and Research Activity from Enchanted Learning
Spotted Owl Body Diagram from Enchanted Learning
Owl Lapbook from Homeschool Helper Online
Exploring Owls Unit Study and Lapbook from 1+1+1=1
Owl Unit Study and Lapbook
I love having field guides on hand for everyone to look at and try to identify different birds that we see. Here are some of my favorites:

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