65+ Resources for Teaching Numbers

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Over the years, I have found that numbers are either really easy to teach a child or very difficult, there is no middle ground. My oldest and third child both picked up on numbers quickly and easily. In fact, they were doing math in their head from the age of 3. My second child struggles with math, but recognized numbers easily. And my fourth child, well, let’s just say we’re still working on it.

Teaching little ones all about numbers can be fun. Take the struggle out of teaching numbers with these 65+ Resources perfect for preschoolers! :: www.homeschoolgiveaways.com

I have also found that teaching numbers is easier done if you focus on one number per week and do a review every couple weeks. At this pace, are able to get through at least 20 by the end of our first year. Another note, unless a child expresses interest, I don’t force number learning until they are at least three, maybe four years old. I just find they grasp the concept of numbers easier at that age. But, you do what works for you. These resources should help you as you work to introduce numbers and review them with your child.

Preschool Handwriting Practice 0-9
Find the Hidden Numbers Printable Game
All About Numbers Preschool Packet
Fall Numbers Printable Pack
Counting Cars Numbers 0-5 Book
Free Dinosaur Kindergarten Numbers Worksheets
Printable Numbers 1-20 Practice
Fall Themed Counting Mats (11-20)
Traceable Numbers & Poetry Printables
Free Printable Snowman Buttons Counting Cards
Kindergarten Number Worksheets
Number Coloring Pages
Preschool Number Matching Game
“I Have, Who Has” Number Game

Printable Lacing Cards 0-10
Feed the Penguin Counting Mats
Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed Printable Activity
Free Transportation Number Formation Mats
Learn to Write Numbers 11-20 Worksheets
Matching Numbers with Ice Cream
1-20 Number Puzzles
Roll Graphing Game
Sunflower Seed Counting Printable
Cookie Play Dough Mats
Apple Playdough Mats
Printable Number Puzzles (1-10)
Roll It, Write It, Count It Mats
Free Hot Chocolate Counting Mats

Crafts & Activities

Flip & Color Number Activity
Smack the Number Activity
Car Parking Numbers Game
Number Identification Game
Snowman Roll & Cover Number Game
Don’t Feed the Raccoon! Number Identification Game
Math Tray Activities for Preschoolers
Preschool Counting Game
Learning to Count with Pipe Cleaner Numbers
Counting Games – Number Shadows
Easy Puzzle Number Recognition Activity
Ball Jar Numbers
Teaching Numbers with Legos
Fine Motor Number Tray
Walk the Number Line
Ladybug Number Game
Fine Motor Number Matching Sun

Looking for more? Check out these other Fun with Numbers ideas!



Counting Crocodiles by Judy Sierra

1, 2, 3 to the Zoo by Eric Carle

10 Little Ladybugs by Melanie Gerth

How Many Snails? by Paul Giganti, Jr.

Mouse Count by Ellen Stoll Walsh

Each Orange Had 8 Slices by Paul Giganti, Jr.

Counting Kisses by Karen Katz

One is a Snail, Ten is a Crab by April Pulley Sayre

Anno’s Counting Book by Mitsumasa Anno

Chicka, Chicka 1, 2, 3 by Bill Martin Jr.

10 Black Dots by Donald Crews

One Duck Stuck by Phyllis Root

Ten Apples Up on Top! by Theo. LeSieg (Dr. Suess)

Over in the Meadow by Olive A. Wadsworth

Russell the Sheep by Rob Scotton

Duck & Goose, 1, 2, 3 by Tad Hills

The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins



Raisin Number Snacks
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (with printable counting mats)
Dominoes Snack
Numbers Pretzel Snack
Snack Math for Preschoolers

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Written by Annette Breedlove

Annette Breedlove

Annette has been married to her husband and best friend for 11 years. Together they are raising their four children to follow the Lord’s will, no matter what. Annette longs for the day when she will meet her 5 angel babies who have entered heaven before her. She enjoys creating UNIT STUDIES with FREE PRINTABLES (more coming soon) for homeschool families and she gets her scrapbooking fix in by making Subway Art for herself and her readers. You can follow her crazy life at In All You Do where she blogs about homeschooling, gluten- and grain-free recipes, homemaking, the occasional DIY projects and maintaining her sanity. You can also keep up with her via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

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