Creative Ideas for Getting Rid of Disposable Paper Products in the Kitchen

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Are you wanting to try to be more Eco-friendly in your home? Maybe you don’t care about going “green”, but you do care about saving money. If so, then this is for you!

Creative Ideas for Getting Rid of Disposable Paper Products in your Kitchen!
Do you find that in a search for convenience you are using tons of paper products? There are definitely seasons for paper plates, but how about all the other paper products that get used and thrown away on a daily basis? I don’t know about you, but I am constantly running out of paper towels. We seem to use them for everything. I am sick of the waste and the cost, so I decided to look into some alternatives.

In my search I found some great alternatives and creative ideas I would like to share with you!

Un- Paper Towels – you may have seen these popping up on Pinterest. I have to say I am intrigued by these. These tutorials are great!

Rolled Kitchen Towels Tutorial from Sew a Straight Line

DIY Cotton Faux Paper Towels by My Healthy Green Family

No Sew Paper Towel Roll from My Merry Messy Life – no sewing required. This looks very simple and easy!
How We Ditched the Paper Towels and Went to Cloth

Un Paper Towel Tutorial from Joybilee Farm – this tutorial shows you  how to upcycle old materials to make your own absorbant un paper towels. She stores hers in a basket instead of making a roll with them.

Flour Sack Towels from One Good Thing by Jillee – a cheap alternative and no sewing required!

Replacing Paper Napkins with Cloth 
Paper napkins are easy to replace as well. You can sew your own cloth napkins out of old t shirts or sheets or you can splurge and buy cloth napkins. I like to hunt thrift stores for them. You won’t believe what you can find. I found a huge gallon bag of 25 restaurant “fancy” napkins for just a few dollars! I store mine in a basket in a drawer in our kitchen with our extra kitchen towels. 

Here is a great tutorial if you want to make your own:

Homemade Cloth Napkins: An Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial by Chocolate and Zucchinni
DIY Cloth Napkins
Some extra tips:
Make sure you have a bin for just your kitchen towels and rags. I like to use a mesh laundry bag inside the kitchen pantry. Also, make sure that they aren’t sopping wet when you throw them in the bag or they will stink! If you need to wipe up milk or something very messy and sticky make sure you rinse your towels out good first, and then lay them over the sink to dry. 

So what about all the extra laundry you will have to do? 
It’s actually not that bad. Just an extra load a week if you have enough extra towels on hand. If not, maybe two. My 4 yo old is a pro at folding all our kitchen towels so it’s no extra work on my part. We do all of our laundry on the weekends, so we really don’t notice the extra load.

Check out this post for more information: Our Once a Weekend Laundry Plan

Once a week laundry plan

Written by Sarah


Sarah is a wife, daughter of the King and Mama to 4 children (one who is a homeschool graduate!) She is a an eclectic,Charlotte Mason style homeschooler and has been homeschooling for over 16 years now. She is still trying to find the balance between work and keeping a home and says she can only do it by the Grace of God, and Coffee!

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