14 Free and Cheap Christmas Kindle Books

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Christmas Kindle

Free and Cheap Christmas Kindle Book Round-Up 

Please remember, Amazon prices can change quickly. The books below were free at the time this post went live, but may only be so for a limited time. Please double check the price before purchasing any of the books below.   


DIY Christmas Gifts and Ideas {FREE} – This book, DIY Christmas Gifts and ideas, is the ultimate guide to Christmas decorations, gifts and ideas.


16 Angel Crafts to Make {FREE} – When decorating your home, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful angel craft. Whether you are decorating for the holidays or creating permanent fixtures for various rooms, this collection of angel craft projects will help you choose a lovely little angel.


Christmas Gifts They’ll Actually Like! {99¢} – Don’t make your Christmas gift giving harder than it needs to be. These 25 gift ideas are EASY to make, and don’t cost much to do so. The experienced crafter might turn their nose up, but for the rest of us, we just want to find gifts to give that have a bit of meaning behind them, don’t require learning new skills to do so (who has time for that right now), and are affordable!


Christmas Crafts: Easy Christmas Crafts Anyone Can Make! {2.99} – This book is filled with fun and easy crafts that can be made by you, your friends, and your children (note some will require adult supervision). Inside you will find many Christmas crafts, tree ornaments, and even some easy handmade gift ideas for some special people on your Christmas list. There are crafts inside that are great for moms, dads, kids, people with sewing experience, people with woodworking experience, people with no crafting experience, and even families working together!


Christmas Crafts for Kids {2.99}  – This book is filled with fun and easy crafts that can be made by children of all ages (some with the assistance of an adult or older child, depending on the craft and the age of the child). Inside you will find many Christmas crafts, tree ornaments, and even some easy handmade gift ideas for some special people on your Christmas list.


The Children’s Gift Guide: Perfect Present Ideas for Children Aged 1-10 {FREE} – The Children’s Gift Guide is packed full of brilliant, age-appropriate ideas and will prove itself indispensable in your quest to find those perfect presents for the children in your life.


DIY Christmas: How to Make Memorable and Beautiful Christmas Gifts for Your Family {FREE} – This eBook will teach you how to make DIY Christmas presents for your family so that you can create personalized gifts and you can de-stress and enjoy your holidays again, while you can ensure that everyone you love receives a special handmade gift from you.


99 Affordable Gifts for Everyone on YOUR List! {99¢} – No matter the person or occasion, 99 Affordable Gifts for Everyone on YOUR List! offers a variety of gift ideas and includes several links to examples.


Gift Giving: How to Give Pleasing Presents {99¢} – Do you feel clueless when it comes to giving gifts? Overwhelmed as Christmas approaches? This short, snappy how-to walks you through a quick system to generate and capture great gift ideas for everyone on your list. Beyond reading practical tips, you will learn a thought process to spark your creativity and put it into action. From seeing the big picture with a perpetual gift calendar to wrapping things up without getting ripped off, you are sure to use these “thoughts that count” over and over. Other chapters include: Techniques to Learn What They Like, Know a Good Thing When You’ve Got It, Far from the Mall-Maddened Crowds, Saving Money and Time, Keep a Good Thought, and Appropriateness. Read and begin implementing this creative, common-sense how-to in about an hour or so. You’ll learn it really is the thought that counts to make gift-giving fun, creative, on-target, money-saving and organized!


Holiday Gifts in Jars {99¢} – Homemade gifts in a jar are a fun, frugal, and great holiday gift to share with just about any one for any holiday. Whether it is for a holiday, someone’s birthday, or a thank you, gift giving has never been this much fun and so easy. And when you prepare gifts in a jar, your family and friends will be delighted with these thoughtful gifts straight from your own kitchen.


Gifts in a Jar {2.99}  – Looking for ideas for thoughtful, decadent, and inexpensive gifts?
Then Gifts in Jars by bestselling author Margaret Lowe is JUST the resource you’ve been looking for! This guide features dozens of mason jar recipes, which make wonderful gifts, sure to be enjoyed by family, friends, co-workers, teachers, and neighbors.

 Homemade Christmas Gifts {FREE} – Whether you’re looking to create your own unique holiday decor this year or you’re looking for some clever gift ideas for friends and family, Homemade Christmas Gifts: 14 Gift Ideas & DIY Home Decor is filled with great projects that are perfect for all your holiday decorating and gift-giving needs!


Christmas Gift Ideas on a Budget {2.99} – Christmas Gift Ideas on a Budget


DIY Christmas Decor and Gifts {2.99}  – Worried about the gifts that you have to give for Christmas? Bored with your store bought Christmas decorations? Are you looking for decors and gifts that are unique, personalized and most importantly special and one of a kind? Do you have a passion for DIY projects and you want to express it these coming holidays?

Written by Tara Mitchell

Tara Mitchell

Tara is wife to Matt and homeschool momma of three. Her children are 21, 16, and 11 – two boys and one girl. She is currently homeschooling her daughter – 6th grade. When she’s not blogging, Tara enjoys crocheting and snuggling up with a good book. She and her family recently moved from Texas to Ohio, and they’re having fun exploring their new surroundings. She blogs about homeschooling, motherhood, and family life on both of her blogs – Homeschool Preschool and Teaching with Children’s Books.

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