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This is the first post in this series! If you have multiple ages, have you ever thought about teaching some of the subjects at the same time with all of your children?

Teaching multiple grades, levels and different ages can be quite taxing if you are using different methods, or different curricula for each subject and each child. If you aren’t careful you could be homeschooling ALL day long! Teaching multiple grades doesn’t have to be overwhelming or difficult though!

In this series I will talk about different ways to do this with curriculum suggestions and ideas for the subjects. This week we are talking about Bible!

Bible is one of my favorite subjects to teach and it can be easy and simple with multiple ages. I have spoken with many different homeschoolers about teaching Bible. There are some families who just use the Bible as their main textbook and don’t use any specific Bible curriculum. There are others who use a curriculum along side daily devotions and scripture memorization. There is no right or wrong way to teach the Bible. Pray about it and let God lead you to what will be best for your family.

How we teach Bible:

They way we teach Bible changes from year to year. Sometimes we will do family Bible Studies, sometimes I will do Bible stories and coloring pages with the little ones while my oldest does his own personal devotions and Bible studies. Right now we do Bible informally at the breakfast table all together. Ages 14 down to 3. We start off with prayer time and then we work on the scripture we are memorizing. I will explain more about that below.

Right now we are using a Bible Study together as a family. We are using  Increasing in Wisdom by Queen Homeschool. This is an elementary Bible Study, but I have my 14 year old help us look up the definitions and scriptures and we work on it all together. They also have really good Family Bible Studies as well. Another favorite book that we read out of a few days a week is Leading Little Ones to God.

The scripture memory system we use:

Simply Charlotte Mason has a great Scripture memory system with free printable Bible verse cards. We have used this system in the past for memorizing multiple Bible verses. We are currently working on Psalm 150. We memorize one verse at a time together, then we add the next verse to it. We recite verse one, and then verse two. When our verses have been committed to memory,  we learn verse three and recite verses one, two and three together. We repeat this daily until we have an entire chapter memorized.

This is very simple to do, and as you recite it out loud together over and over every day, you will be amazed at how fast your children pick it up. Even my three year old can recite with us now just by watching and listening to us! If you are creative you can come up with hand motions and facial expressions to help them remember.

Curriculum Suggestions for teaching Bible with all ages:

There are many Bible Curricula that you can use with all ages and grade levels. Here are just a couple of our favorites:

The Picture Smart Bible:
In this innovative Bible Study program, an overview of an entire book is illustrated on a single page that you can keep as a reference. When you are finished, you will have an illustration to save and imprint on your mind to remember. The Picture Smart Bible is the “big picture” it is perfect as a foundational Bible course that can help students of ALL ages see how the entire Bible fits together.

You can watch video clips of how it works HERE. Read our Picture Smart Bible review here! 

Grapevine Bible Studies:  Grapevine Bible Studies uses multi-level teacher books allow for multi-aged classes. Their fun way of stick-figuring through the Bible is loved by kids of all ages! 

Notebooking is a wonderful way to incorporate all ages into Bible Study! When you sign up as a FREE MEMBER at you have access to all of the following: 

Free Bible Notebooking Pages

  •  New Testament Notebooking Pages
  •  Old Testament Notebooking Pages

Free Quiet Time Notebook Pages

Quiet Time Journal Page Full page size: B/W, Pink, Blue
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We printed these double sided and folded on the dotted line for a little extra flap.

Free Basic Bible Template Notebooking Pages: Old & New Testament Bible Template Notebooking Pages

Directions: Simply sign up, click “shop” and then click the “Bible (FREE) link.”

A few links you might want to checkout:

Free Bible & Character Study Lessons at Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood – she has a long list of freebies, not necessarily for use with all ages, but we all love free!!

FREE Bible Curriculum for Preschool – 6th Grade, and even Espanol!

FREE Bible and Character Studies for Preschoolers

FREE 3 Year Bible Survey for Children and Young Adults Grades 1-12

FREE Online Bible Videos for Kids

The Child’s Story Bible Sale!

FREE 21 Day Bible Memory Verse Challenge

FREE Bible and Values Worksheets and Activities

FREE Biblical Home Education

Written by Sarah


Sarah is a wife, daughter of the King and Granola Mama to 4 children ages 16-5. She is a Charlotte Mason style homeschooler and has been homeschooling for 13 years now. She is still trying to find the balance between work and keeping a home and says she can only do it by the Grace of God, Coffee and Green Smoothies!

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