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Girls of American History units are multisensory literature guides using the popular American Girl® books.  They can be used as a history program or core curriculum with supplements added.  They are an excellent hands-on curriculum for both boys and girls.

One winner will win 1 set of all 12 Girls of American History History Units.  Girls of American History was created to be used with the popular American Girl historical, fictional series. Each unit in Girls of American History is meant to last six weeks –  that is enough curriculum for two full years!

Below are very brief descriptions of the units included in this giveaway. For a complete description of each unit, click here (click on the arrow to drop down the description).

For samples, click here. Each unit sells for $7.95, so this giveaway is valued at $72! It also makes it affordable for you to purchase one if you would like to.

Girls of American History-Unit 1 Nez Perce-Kaya®
This study gives boys and girls a look into the Pacific Northwest and the Nez Perce Indians in 1764

Girls of American History-Unit 2 American Revolution-Felicity®
The American Revolution is a rich and vital time in our history. This study gives children a look into life during this time.

Girls of American History-Unit 3 SouthWestern-Josefina®
1824: Josefina®—Southwest America – This study gives children an idea of life on the ranch. This unit works well for studying the early 19th century, the southwestern states, the Alamo, Pueblo Indians, the Mexican American War, and so much more.

Girls of American History-Unit 4 Pioneer Times-Kirsten®
1854: Kirsten®—Pioneer Times in America – This study is not only about pioneer time, but includes life as a young immigrant and what life would have been like.

Girls of American History-Unit 5 Civil War-Addy®
1864: Addy®—The Civil War – An excellent unit for boys and girls to go deeper with a study of the Civil War, slavery, Harriet Tubman, Abe Lincoln, the Underground Railroad, emancipation, and more.

Girls of American History-Unit 6 Industrial Revolution-Samantha®
1904: Samantha®—Turn of the 20th Century in America – This unit covers child labor, orphan trains, women’s suffrage, and more.

Girls of American History-Unit 7 The Great Depression-Kit®
1934: Kit®—The Great Depression – This time in history helps teach us so much about values and morals.

Girls of American History-Unit 8 World War II-Molly®
1944: Molly®—World War II – This is a time in history that is filled with information. During this time period you might consider including some background of WWI, countries involved in both WWI and WWII, the Nazi Regime, Anne Frank, the Holocaust, and more.

Girls of American History-Unit 9 War of 1812-Caroline®
1812: Caroline®—War of 1812 – This is a fantastic unit, filled with information about a war often forgotten and misunderstood.

Girls of American History-Unit 10 New Orleans in the 1850’s/Marie-Grace® and Cecile®

1853: Marie-Grace® and Cecile®—New Orleans in the 1850’s – New Orleans is rich with a history unlike any other in the United States. Giving, serving and thinking about others and ways to help are things that help build long lasting positive character traits. The crafts in this unit lean more toward girls.

Girls of American History-Unit 11 New York Life in 1914/Rebecca®

1914: Rebecca®—New York City in 1914 – This unit is an excellent look into the life of an immigrant – the transition into adjusting to life in America, work conditions and school. This unit is from the perspective of a young Jewish girl, yet does not impose one belief over another.

This giveaway will also include one more unit that will be released before the giveaway is over! The winner will be one of the very first to get their hands on it!!

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