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I received an email about some FREE Character Training Stories to share with you all! These are super cute and can be used to build character and teach lessons to our little ones. Some of the stories below have audio versions, printable, and even black and white pics that can be colored in!

The Hartlie series is written by Yvonne Taylor. Her story is awesome! Click here to read it.

You can listen to the stories by simply clicking on the MP3 buttons or ‘Right-click’ and use ‘Save as…’ to save the file to listen to it anytime. Please note that the files are quite LARGE and may take some time to download, depending on the speed of your network.

All downloads from the site are FREE but we would ask you to consider making a donation (suggested $1 per download) using the Paypal button below. Thank you for your support.

Wooly’s Point Of View – Self Esteem
A story about how we see ourselves. When Hartlie comes across a down and out Wooly, it’s just a matter of time before some very dramatic changes turn Wooly’s depression into a dance of joy.
(For ages 5yrs and up)

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Furdy Fleegles’ Choice – Peer Pressure
The importance of choosing our friends wisely. Furdy is forced to make some life changing decisions. Will he go along with some new but dodgy friends in his life? 
(For ages 5yrs and up)

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The Beastoferous Bully – Bullying
For every child who has ever bullied or been bullied. The Bog critters are sick and tired of Beastoferous Heaps mean, hateful, bullying. But do they have the courage to confront him?
(For ages 5yrs and up)

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Rainbows and Radishes  – Grief
How God helps us through our grief. Two adorable but mischievous twin rabbits, suddenly find themselves orphaned and homeless. Would they ever be able to find a family who would love and give them the new start they so desperately needed.
(For ages 5yrs and up)

Download illustrations... Read the story... Right-Click and 'Save as' to download MP3 audio...  

The Strange Swooglehorn  – Addiction
The dangers of addiction. The Bog would never be the same after the ‘Sleazles’ came to town. They brewed a potent elixir that hooked those who drank it. Poor Lumpy found out just how powerful and destructive the elixir truly was.
(For ages 5yrs and up)

Download illustrations... Read the story... Right-Click and 'Save as' to download MP3 audio... 

 Weezie Sleazle  – Addiction
How addiction affects family and loved ones. ‘Weezie Sleazle’ is the continuation of ‘The Strange Swooglehorn.’  Weezie is the Bog drug dealer’s son, who learns first hand the awful consequences of substance abuse.
(For ages 5yrs and up)

Download illustrations... Read the story... Right-Click and 'Save as' to download MP3 audio... 

The Chicken Coop Café – Trials
Trials, or when bad things happen to good people. Chenille, a curly haired hen, certainly had her fair share of trials, but one would threaten not only her but her entire brood.
(For ages 5yrs and up)

Download illustrations... Read the story... Right-Click and 'Save as' to download MP3 audio... 

To Tease A Bummble – Teasing
How teasing causes pain and suffering. Rummbly Bummble finds out just how miserable it feels to be teased and sees what happens to those who think it’s fun to laugh at someone instead of with them.
(For ages 5yrs and up) 

Download illustrations... Read the story... 

Flying Is For The Birds – Forgiveness
The importance of forgiveness. An innocent but foolish game takes a very bad turn, leaving both players with the painful consequence. This story is how each dealt with that pain.

Read the story... 

The Wigglesteens – Laziness
How being lazy leads to problems. Ernie thought he could have it all…and that everything would come to him effortlessly. But his daddy decides he loves Ernie to much to help him stay that way.

Read the story... 

A Dilly Of A Tale – Gossip
The dangers involved in gossip and backbiting. Pickle Dilly loves nothing more than to chew on a juicy piece of gossip and spread it to all who’ll listen, until one day when it ignited the worst flap the tree-bound Dillys had ever experienced!

Read the story... 


Written by Carrie


Carrie is the owner & operator of Homeschool Giveaways. She has been homeschooling for over a decade and has successfully graduated her first homeschooler. She has two girls and works side by side at home with her awesome husband. She has been saved by grace, fails daily, but continues to strive toward the prize of the high calling of being a daughter of the Most High God.

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